NuroKor CEO & Founder Rick Rowan: Wearable Bioelectrical Medical Tech

NuroKor is a research-driven health tech company that uses non-invasive bioelectronic technology to support users in both pain relief management, and physical performance enhancement. We launched in 2018 and as a business, we develop science and medical technology that puts the power of cutting-edge bioelectronics directly into the hands of those who need it – giving them, non-invasive, personalised treatment technology to help manage a range of conditions, from general aches and pains through to more complex and chronic pain.

Our devices are also key in helping people maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. By combining the latest developments in physiological science and advancements in biotechnology, the devices help speed up recovery and rehabilitation, enhance motor learning and muscle recruitment skills for specific sports. In fact, we work with more than 40 Olympians and elite athletes who are ambassadors for our brand and can all testify to the efficacy of the NuroKor tech.

For those not familiar with it, bioelectronic therapy is a rapidly growing field and is gaining a lot of recognition in the healthcare space. Since launching, we’ve onboarded and collaborated with a multitude of top-field doctors, clinicians, practitioners, researchers and athletes from around the world – something which we are hugely proud of.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I started NuroKor two years ago, born out of my own long and arduous struggle with chronic back pain – a problem that first reared its ugly head when I was a child, and by my teenage years had become a persistent and, at times, a totally debilitating issue. After attempting to manage my condition with a variety of anti-inflammatory drugs and other painkillers, I eventually refused to accept that this would be my long term future and set out to find another way to treat chronic pain that didn’t involve a cocktail of often harmful medicines.

It was along that journey that I first started to learn about bioelectronics – the notion that electricity, applied to the body in various ways, could relieve pain and stimulate recovery and healing of tissues. Initially cynical myself, I began trialing some basic nerve stimulators – devices that stimulate nerves to relieve pain – and, anecdotally, found that they worked, but with varying degrees of success.

I have an enquiring, scientific mind and after doing some initial reading, I recognised the potential in bioelectronics, so I threw myself into extensive research of the field – exploring countless clinical studies and testing the theory that different combinations of frequencies and pulse settings could produce a more consistent and successful solution to my pain.

Fast-forwarding to today and NuroKor is creating bioelectronic software for clinical and therapeutic application via wearables for patients all over the globe. Our company mission is to use the science of bioelectronics and the application of electroceuticals to transform the quality of life for people worldwide.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those wanting to get into the health tech space, is to draw on, and learn from, the experience and expertise of as many other people as possible. When I first launched NuroKor, I did so because I was frustrated by an issue that was controlling my life and that gave me the motivation to extensively research bioelectronic therapy – but prior to that, I had limited real clinical level healthcare experience.

A huge part of NuroKor’s success can be attributed to the incredible medical professionals and clinicians who have helped grow and shape the company into what it is today. We have a network of experienced doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists and sports scientists on our team; all of whom contribute to our continual evolution and expansion. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible – so I’d strongly recommend others in a similar position to myself look at growing their network as much as possible and bolster their teams with the very best talent they can recruit.

What can we hope to see from NuroKor in the future?

We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline – we’re about to enter another fundraising round which will help us secure new investment to further our product development and expand our team of experts. We’re also looking at prototypes for new bioelectric wearables specifically designed to tackle issues like severe period pain, pain associated with menopause and conditions like endometriosis. We also have some interesting partnerships on the horizon that will help us expand into new, international markets which is incredibly exciting.

Ultimately, we’ll be continuing to work towards our overall aim of using the science of bioelectronics and electroceuticals to transform the quality of life for people worldwide.