Origin Stories: How It All Began, With Roger James Hamilton, Founder at Genius Group

Roger James Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of Genius Group, GeniusU, and Entrepreneur Resorts. He is a futurist and social entrepreneur, and the creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics, used by over 1.4 million entrepreneurs to find their flow.

We spoke to Roger about how it all began, how he grew his empire, and where the company is going:
I have been business-focused as long as I can remember, but it really started to make sense when I was studying at Cambridge University and started my first business. I knew that creating a job was how I was going to succeed. There were many teachers of entrepreneurship, but no one was building a community. My purpose has always been education and educating entrepreneurs was exciting for me as I could inform people who wanted to achieve great entrepreneurial stories and build successful businesses.

My company today, Genius Group, is a global group of education companies leading the entrepreneur movement. We have over 1.4 million students and our edtech platform GeniusU, connects entrepreneurs to a global network of knowledge, connections and opportunities, each following their own personalised path. All my companies I have today help students from 0 to 100 years old to get inspired, find their flow and grow.

The biggest lesson I learnt while growing Genius Group was to not rely on the lessons I learned at school and university to try and grow a business, but to do the opposite. Instead of thinking learning from others is cheating, I would say all your learning comes from the mentors, team and customers you surround yourself with. Instead of thinking success was a plan that was worth an A grade, realising you get no points for passing an exam or submitting a report in business — it’s not about your success but the success of your customers, partners and team. And to know that academics and entrepreneurship really are the opposite of each other. The academic path is needing to know in order to do. The entrepreneurial path is needing to do in order to know.

The last eighteen years have been quite the journey from the starting point of Wealth Dynamics, to our edtech platform GeniusU in 2015, to our locations business Entrepreneur Resorts (which listed on the Seychelles Merj Exchange in 2017), and now bringing everything together under one purpose to deliver the curriculum just makes complete sense.

We developed Genius Group as a Venture Builder company, a public limited company in Singapore, to acquire profitable, cashflow positive education-based companies and to at a minimum double the valuation of those companies within 24 months of acquisition. This would benefit both our community through lifelong learning, but also allow us to create a greater global movement.

I believe we can’t impact the world until we’re in tune with our own personal world. We’ve seen a transformation in education within our group from the traditional “Three R’s” of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic to the “Three S’s” of Self-Awareness, Self-Mastery and Self-Expression. Our company’s mission is about igniting the genius in each person so we can impact the world by inspiring each person’s personal world. As Albert Einstein once said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the jobs crisis and the education crisis*. Having a solution to both is more important now than ever. I believe our mission to educate people on how to create a job instead of ‘get’ a job, and to find fulfillment and meaning while harnessing change is more important now than ever.

Genius Group is the World’s largest Entrepreneur Education Group, and I am proud we are able to offer or accredited curriculum globally to as many people who want it all via a digital platform. There is a shift in attitude towards traditional education and this has been heightened by the school closures and the millions of hours of lessons missed throughout the pandemic.

Our Edtech company, Genius Group, has attracted over 1.4 million students globally who are seeking a primary, secondary, university or adult education curriculum to teach them entrepreneurial and investment skills – critical factors in a world which is needing to reinvent itself.