Oseloka Obiora, Co-Founder at RiverSafe and Cybersecurity40 Judge, Explains What He’s Looking For From Entrants

Hey Oseloka, tell us a bit about yourself

Alongside my Co-Founder Suid Adeyanju, I founded RiverSafe in 2010 to provide an all-encompassing cybersecurity service to businesses to protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Our focus has been and continues to be in providing customers with security solutions that offer best in class protection when implemented with our top quality consultancy services. This mission extends to helping organisations embed security in DevOps and Software development life cycles and we do all of this for Cloud and on Premises infrastructure environments.

There are always new threats and trends to stay on top of, our recent AI Unleashed report discovered that 80% of security leaders rank AI as their biggest threat currently, for example, so organisations need a partner that always helps them stay protected.

Corporate and social responsibility is another area at the heart of RiverSafe, so we aim to make a social difference by collaborating with charities and promoting an inclusive workplace within the cyber industry.

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What are you looking for from this year’s CyberSecurity40 entrants?

From the entrants, I want to see new, innovative solutions and services that are tackling the emerging issues within cybersecurity. The landscape is changing so quickly and that requires cybersecurity companies to be agile and adapt their services to ensure their customers remain protected from threats. It’s important to ensure that solutions are always designed with forward planning in mind because the industry moves so fast.

I’d also like to understand more about the people behind the business. Great companies are built around great leaders with inspiring stories and their leadership impacts everybody within the company. Whether it’s an interesting motive for becoming a founder or championing an important issue close to them, I’d like to hear about what really makes cyber leaders tick.

What advice would you give to companies wanting to stand out from the crown?

Highlight one or two core issues that are impacting your customers the most and demonstrate the innovative ways in which you’re addressing the issue, including how you got to that process.

For example, at RiverSafe, we identified that some of our customers were concerned about the emerging cyber risks in supply chains as well as Shift Left, which is implementing security early on in the software development life cycle. RiverSafe launched a DevOps and DevSecOps offering and, has now partnered with a number of tech vendors offering market leading solutions in this space. We continued to engage with our customers to understand how these concerns are unfolding in order to drive innovation in our services offerings to address those critical issues.

Identifying and adapting to fast-changing issues that are really impacting customers is vital to stand out, showcasing why your organisation is making a tangible positive difference, not only to the customer but also to the customer’s customer.