Pink Ship Founder Patrice Stephens: Innovation in Digital Marketing

Pink Ship is a digital marketing agency specialising in the Hair, Beauty, Tech & Athleisure industries. I originally founded the agency in 2015 to give small and medium companies the access to professional services and over time we have branched out to larger brands and international markets. We are currently in London, Toronto and Los Angeles.


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How did you come up with the idea for the company?


My mum, and friends around me had started small businesses and they were all having a hard time with their marketing because things were becoming a lot more social media focused but none of them really had a lot of experience in that field. Around the same time, I was struggling to find employment in the industry.

There weren’t very many agencies offering services to small businesses when I started Pink Ship, and there also weren’t very many agencies providing opportunities to young creatives. I wanted to solve both issues and initially that was all I anticipated doing, I could never have imagined that we would have grown so much.



What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?


Stay true to the mission but don’t hesitate to change the plan. You have to be adaptable as an entrepreneur and able to weather all the storms. There will be times when you have to reevaluate your method, as long as you don’t abandon the mission. That is advice I’d give to any entrepreneur, because as Beyonce very famously said “male or female, it makes no difference, I stopped the world!”. Whether you’re male or female, you have to keep your head down and focus on fulfilling your purpose.


What can we hope to see from Pink Ship in the future?


You can certainly expect to see a lot of innovation from us. As we enter a “new normal” our goal is to revolutionize our industry and lead our clients into the future. We’re trying not to make too many solid plans because it’s very important to remain flexible and make changes swiftly.