Meet Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder and CEO at Enterprise SaaS Company: Facilio Inc

Prabhu Ramachandran

Facilio Inc. is an enterprise SaaS company that offers a unified cloud platform to manage real-estate operations efficiently. Its AI-driven property operations & facilities management platform allows real estate owners to aggregate building data, optimize performance, and control portfolio operations – all from one place.

Our CMMS software platform has been deployed in 10,000 properties worldwide. Customers in the commercial office, healthcare, higher education & retail categories use Facilio across 100 million square feet globally across North America, Europe & UK, the Middle East, Australia, and the Asia Pacific. Global real-estate brands such as ICD Brookefield, BritishLand UK, Aster Hospitals, and Investa Property Group use Facilio to reduce portfolio operations costs, increase net asset values, derisk operational liability and optimize energy savings.

The company was founded in 2017 by myself, Rajavel Subramanian, Krishnamoorthi Rangasamy, and Yogendra Babu, all of them with extensive experience in building enterprise-grade cloud software and SaaS applications with a strong focus on IoT.

Headquartered in New York City with offices in Italy, London, Dubai, Chennai & Singapore, Facilio is backed by leading investors including Accel Partners, Tiger Global Management & Dragoneer Investment Group. The company has a distributed workforce of 200+ employees.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The last biggest disruption in buildings took place 20 years ago. Automation was first crudely introduced; while hardware progressed, not much was seen on the software side.

So we embarked on a mission to provide a unified platform that empowers facilities managers & real estate owners to make the shift from traditional, tactical facilities management towards more smarter, predictive facilities experience. By empowering people and machines to achieve their highest level of efficiency, we help the built environment thrive towards continuous sustainability.

At Facilio, we aren’t just building products. We’re rethinking the way buildings are being managed.


What makes Facilio unique?

What makes us unique is, we don’t want to uproot what you have – we want to centrally connect your existing systems and make them data-driven. From BAS to sensory platforms to business apps, connect Facilio with your existing systems, and discover new ways to improve operational efficiency.

What have been your biggest achievements in the last year?

We raised our series B fund for $35 million – this investment is being used to extend our market leadership, expand sales and marketing, and enable more companies to reach success through a predictive, connected model of real estate operations.

We doubled our headcount and are currently at 200 employees with a globally distributed workforce across 4 continents. We achieved 400% revenue growth in the past 12 months.

We acquired large enterprise customers in London, Dubai, Australia, New York and other regions, and we manage 100 million+ sq ft globally.

We rolled out a scalable, AI-driven Connected Retail solution to help retail portfolios remotely monitor and control systems, deploy optimization strategies at scale, and improve energy savings & asset performance.

What can we hope to see from Facilio in 2023?

Traditionally, commercial real estate (CRE) owners have outsourced entire facility management operations and tech to external vendors, with little control and visibility into how their building portfolios are performing.

In the next 4 quarters, we will be collaborating closely with CRE owners to make them understand the humongous benefits they can derive from taking control of their data, and making direct investments in technology. This will give them access to generational data to be able to make data-informed decisions for increasing long-term efficiencies.

There will be more thrust on innovation, with new features and integrations being added to the platform that will provide a world-class workplace experience for tenants by leveraging the power of AI and automation.

What we are building at Facilio isn’t merely a great product portfolio; we are front-ending a movement towards data-led property operations. The company is writing the blueprint for how modern real estate portfolios will operate in the next decade and beyond.