Privitar’s New Chief Product Officer: Data, Ethics and Privacy

Privitar is the leading data privacy platform provider, and a pioneer in data privacy engineering. We help organizations realize the promise of their most valuable asset – safe, usable data.

Privitar’s powerful data privacy software enables businesses to safely use data to gain valuable insights, and support data-driven decisions. We empower customers to use their data to create better products, services and customer experiences, while at the same time, minimize their data risk.

Our products provide a unique combination of privacy techniques, governance and management features that are essential to any organization embracing data-driven insight. By delivering comprehensive data privacy and streamlining data provisioning, Privitar enables enterprises to extract the maximum value from the data they collect, manage and use.

Privitar’s international customer base is a “who’s who” among global 2000 banking, healthcare, insurance, life sciences, professional services, retail and telecommunications companies, including HSBC, Citi, the UK’s National Health Service and AstraZeneca.

The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in London, with regional headquarters in Boston and Singapore, a development centre in Warsaw, and sales and services locations throughout the US and Europe.
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Why did you decide to join the company?

Looking back on my career across the operational data stores, data warehouse, lake, governance and cloud space, and over 20 years, from mainframes to relational databases to Hadoop and then cloud based systems, I’ve always been passionate about the legal and ethical use of data. The impact of data-driven analytics and insights can be profound, but so too are the challenges associated with ensuring sensitive data remains safe and usable.

Privitar has a world-class team, industry-leading technologies, an incredibly strong infrastructure, and a massive amount of potential. I’m confident that in joining forces, we will take the Privitar Data Privacy PlatformTM to the next level, supporting organizations worldwide as they embrace privacy ops to ensure that one hundred percent of their data is available for critical use cases including analytics and machine learning.


How has the need for Privitar evolved during the pandemic?

Before COVID-19, organizations were already aware of the tremendous value gained by using, analysing, and exchanging data. The pandemic has simultaneously reinforced the importance of data-driven insights and accelerated existing trends towards digital transformation.

Almost overnight, work meetings, social interactions, education, exercise classes, and shopping shifted to exclusively online. This shift served as a change catalyst for everyone as businesses adjusted to new market needs. These new market trends and needs have pushed organizations to accelerate their migration and usage of the cloud, and heightened the need to be able to rely on data-driven insights to guide the path forward as they adapt to their evolving post-COVID realities.

With today’s rapidly changing landscape, it can be tricky to analyze the latest data. Being able to evaluate information that is sometimes days old involves understanding how data flows, and maintaining privacy throughout that process. Data privacy can help businesses respond swiftly and maintain the flexibility they need to make these necessary pivots during very uncertain and busy times.

When the crisis is over, the organizations that will thrive are those who focus on using their data safely, build and maintain trust along the way, and remain steadfast in their commitment to privacy in their use of data. Having a clear, comprehensive approach to data privacy is key. Building in privacy by design will help to protect individuals and maintain trust.

What can we hope to see from Privitar in the future?

Privitar is committed to creating the world’s best privacy operations platform, enabling you to use 100% of your data safely and ethically across your business and beyond for protecting use cases like sensitive data for analytics and data science. We are rapidly expanding our capabilities to include enhanced privacy risk management, automated privacy protection, regulatory-focused solutions, and continued enhancements for cloud platforms.


Interview with Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Privitar, Steve Totman