Priya Downes, CEO & Co-Founder at Nudea: A Contemporary Underwear Brand

Priya Downes, CEO & Co-Founder of Nudea

Launched in September 2019, Nudea is a direct-to-consumer fit-centric underwear brand that is modernising the bra purchasing process, from measurement to the end product.  Bras and Knickers that are engineered to fit – and look great – in sizes for every kinds of bra-wearer.

80% of women are wearing the wrong size because 75% of them haven’t been fitted in over 3 years.  Our custom built fitting tools, including our hero product, The Fit Tape, is designed to make it easy to self-measure accurately and comfortably. We’re transforming an outdated and unnecessarily complicated physically-based process to one that every bra wearer can do as often as they need to with confidence.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Nudea was born out of my own frustrations shopping for Underwear. Coming from a background in Luxury fashion I have a huge appreciation for quality, design and craftmanship which I seek in my all my own personal purchases.

I have always been disappointed by what was on offer in the Bra market, something that I wear everyday of my life since a teenager, my choice was either a body-basic, cheap quality M&S bra OR an overtly fussy, expensive piece of lingerie. When all I really want is a decent fitting, comfortable bra that I am not embarrassed to wear, delivered to me in the way I receive most of my products online with fitting that is convenient and easy to understand.

I was fortunate to meet Sophie in a previous role, a great talent in the world of lingerie design and development. Together we saw the opportunity to leverage our skills to create something truly unique, modern essentials and an experience which makes women fall in love with their underwear again.


What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

There’s no silver bullet when it comes to building a business, male or female. It always comes down to drive, hard work, passion and belief in what you are trying to achieve.  I also believe in integrity as building a successful business is about building relationships whether with suppliers, partners, customers or investors – at the end of the day people want to do business with good people.

I do often find that women undervalue themselves and find a million reasons not to take the plunge and start something – and often women are the ones that are the better relationship builders. Most of the entrepreneurs I respect the most are the ones that are the most human.

What can we hope to see from Nudea in the future?

We are constantly looking at ways we can make our products and fitting tools EVEN better. Starting with our commitment to source all our materials and componentry from sustainable or recycled sources, we have started with our main raw materials but have ambitions to step this up to all of the 20+ components that make up a bra. In addition, expect to see an evolution in our fitting tools and a more focused approach to fit innovation in our products.