Pulseroll: Vibration Technology for Fitness and Wellbeing

Pulseroll was born 4 years ago on my kitchen table and our range of scientifically proven massage guns, vibrating foam rollers, balls and peanut balls are now sold in more than 25 countries.

Pulseroll is a fitness and wellbeing brand that through the use of vibration technology can help ease sore muscles, increase circulation by 22%, improve mobility by 14% and also reduce the threat of deep vein thrombosis. We have appeared on ITVs This Morning as an alternative remedy for chronic pain relief and our Pulseroll products are used by sports clubs, celebrities, fitness lovers, the NHS and those who want to improve their wellbeing and enjoy a nice relaxing massage.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I have always suffered from sore muscles from sports/training at the gym and as a result, spent a lot of money and time visiting sports therapists. I also used to use a regular foam roller that I put onto a vibrating plate to gain the benefits of vibration. I then visited an innovations event in China and saw my idea above combined into a vibrating foam roller and I thought this is what I was indirectly looking for!

I thought at first it would be a quick flash in the pan Christmas type line however nobody would buy the products from me as they did not see the reason or benefits, however, I then took a step back and created a brand creating awareness through exhibitions, contacting athletes & celebrities and also started to expand our product range. In a nutshell, I started by making it up as I went along four years ago and am still making it up and learning something new every day.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Find an interest, area of business, or product that you love, be prepared to make massive sacrifices, embrace hard work and challenges, ignore other people who will love to downplay what you are trying to achieve. Learn fast, set goals, have fun and be determined that you will succeed and that there is no Plan B!

What can we hope to see from Pulseroll in the future?

A never-ending search to improve value, quality and innovating new products including our hotly anticipated Mini Massage Gun which is launching in November.


Interview with Paul McCabe, CEO of Pulseroll