Interview with Ray Meadham, CEO at Tech StartUp: Multiview Media

Multiview Media is a newly founded British tech startup that has built a white-label technology platform to enable content owners to stream historic video content or live events in a multi-camera angle format. Letting the fan be their own director, this new and innovative technology will allow for a much more interactive experience when watching either live events or historic content.

Content owners provide Multiview Media with live or historic video content, which is then placed into Multiview Media’s encoder software. This is then converted into a digital form that can be streamed in multi-camera angle formats via Multiview Media’s platform (or player embedded in their site). Using auto-detection technology, Multiview Media is able to predict when a viewer is about to select a specific camera angle, at which point the stream is upgraded to a higher quality, ensuring that the change between camera angles is smooth and seamless.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I developed the idea for Multiview Media while being a music manager myself. I was looking to increase the revenues of my roster and thought, “why not explore live stream in a multi-angle format which could open up new commercial opportunities?”.

Over the last few years, I have collaborated with key people during the development stages of Multiview Media, including Kelli Richards, ex-director of Apple, singer-songwriter Imogen Heap, as well as Tim Clarke, co-founder of ie: music, and we have been working together on bringing the idea to market. In that time, we have made several iterations of the product and our offering thanks to feedback from all our early supporters and backers – which range from music management, music industry professionals, and artists.


How has it been launching the company during the pandemic?

The pandemic has undoubtedly increased the value of live streaming and our proposition, as we have all been stuck at home seeking alternative ways to see our favourite artists and bands in the absence of live music. At the same time, this has accelerated viewers’ expectations, who now demand more control, interactivity, and options over their viewing experience.

Although we have only just set out, we hope that by offering a multi-angle viewing experience, the viewer is given a more immersive and interactive experience over a traditional broadcast to meet this demand. It also allowed us to visit historic content and create multi-angle VOD.

What can we hope to see from Multiview Media in the future?

We have exciting plans to work on original content, which would mean a lot more involvement in the recording process and mean working directly with acts and talent on the production. This also opens up opportunities to make the viewing experience more immersive with technology like Augmented Reality (AR) being introduced. We can also embed the player in third-party sites and within Virtual Reality (VR).

While the pandemic has accelerated our digital lives like never before you cannot beat or replace physical live music gigs, and we know that there is a future in live-virtual hybrid events space. For example, can you imagine being at Glastonbury in the crowd physically and having a piece of technology in your hand that meant that you could visually see all stages and not miss a thing? This is the future.