Revuto CEO Josipa Majic: Putting Subscription Costs Back In The Hands of Consumers

There are two overarching reasons that led me to launching Revuto. From a personal perspective, I had a strange and frankly frustrating experience where I was paying for an increasing number of products and services that were all subscription-based.

As a result, I began to lose track of how much I was spending, with whom, and which credit or debit card I was using. I was also paying for services that I had stopped using, which meant I had several expired free-trials that I was still paying for because I had forgotten to unsubscribe from them on time, or because I couldn’t find an easy way to unsubscribe.

And then, from a business and professional perspective, as a founder of a company doing biometric research to quantify emotional reactions, we were commissioned by banks and fintechs to analyse and benchmark the customer experience on mobile apps. The worst part of this, by far, was always when we detected an unapproved payment. Especially if it was a subscription lingering on an account for the past few months – or even years.

Once we reported back to the clients, it seemed as though the banks had bigger fish to fry and had to focus on integration or architectural problems, while fintechs were busy focusing on growth. This meant that there was and still is a blank space in the market.

I also asked my friends if they experienced the same problem, and because the answer was always yes, I decided to solve the problem myself with Revuto, a subscription management company that allows the customer to choose whether to Approve, Snooze or Block a specific payment and protect themselves from unwanted subscriptions charges.

My vision is that no customer should pay for subscriptions they do not want or use – and Revuto is here to bring the power back to their hands.

What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

I think any entrepreneur, whether they’re a man or woman, should know that every situation has its positives and negatives. It’s important to focus on the things that you have influence over, and try to have a deeper and broader perspective about what you cannot control.

From my own experience, I’ve learnt that milestones like making your first sale or fundraiser event can be bittersweet due to the frustrations, resections, and unconscious biases one will experience along the way. But, regardless of that, having an open and constructive mindset paired with treating biases with an educational instead of aggressive attitude worked well for me.


What can we hope to see from Revuto in the future?

Revuto is the ultimate consumer solution in the subscription economy. We are here to make sure people never pay for subscriptions they don’t want or use, and to maximise the value and decrease the seasonality of subscriptions as much as possible.

In the near future, you can expect us to push for better and broader consumer rights in the space, and we will aim to be among the first solutions that will help customers to make more conscious and financially responsible decisions for all recurring expenses.