Q&A with Romano Toscano, Founder, MyLifeKit

With the global credit system in need of radical reform, TechRound caught up with entrepreneur Romano Toscano, Founder, MyLifeKit to discuss his company’s new product development, which is set to revolutionise the healthcare and credit industry.

Tell Us About MyLifeKit? 

MLK is uniquely positioned to use artificial intelligence and change people’s lives by merging health-related and credit-related data. The outcome is a LifeScore. C​urrently, people are defined by credit scores only, which is only part of the story, LifeScore will provide a holistic view of people’s life which will make it easier for people to be defined and get approved for some financial products

A LifeScore is a numerical expression based on a level analysis of a person’s life based on a multitude of physiological needs, mixed with information typically sourced from users, their devices, and direct questions.

What Inspired You To Launch The Company?

The unfair process of credit only is something that triggered me, a lot of people go through tough stages in life but have a good balance in life and should not be defined by only credit history.  Secondly, the correlation between credit and other parts of life is not emphasised enough. After writing my book; published this year, where I compare life with ten cards to align it, it became ever more clear that life is the sum of all elements.

Can You Give Us Example As To How It Can Be Used?

Consumers will use LifeScore to evaluate potential risks posed by sub-optimal lifestyles and how to mitigate any loss that might occur as a result of not living their life to the max. HCPs might use LifeScore to gain a holistic view on why a patient’s score might have changed and the potential influential markers.

Health Insurance companies and banks will be able to use LifeScore to determine where they can help customers improve their health and reduce periods of illness that require medical assistance. Cost savings they will reap can be passed on by rewarding LifeScore users with a discount on their premiums.

What Are Your Plans For The Company Over The Next Few Years?

As a company we are here to provide the best score, we want to a fact next to credit score and give the world an overview of more than just credit, we also would like to start working on LifeScore for companies ( wouldn’t it be great to know if you start working for a company to know their behaviour on financials, health for employees etc ? ) our goal is to be independent forever. There is only one way to do this.

Romano Toscano is the founder and CEO of MyLifeKit