Romilly Sinclair, Co-founder of Solar Mate

Solar Mate aims to help the UK become more energy self-sufficient. Not only do we strive to help households reduce their energy bills, but also decrease their carbon footprint. With only 4% of UK homes generating electricity from solar panels, we have a massive opportunity, along with our installation partners, to push for a more sustainable future.


How Did You Come Us With The Idea For The Company?


It’s no secret that, In terms of environmental impact, solar power is a much better solution than burning fossil fuels. By switching to solar you can have a significant impact on the amount of CO2 you produce. It’s only recent technological advancements that has made solar a far more economical option for the consumer and with rising energy costs, the payback period is only getting shorter. 


How Has The Industry Changed Over The Last Decade?


There has been tremendous improvement in technology that has significantly driven down costs, coupled with improvements in efficiency, which has made solar a far more accessible option. Nonetheless, there is still a long way to go in making the UK a more sustainable and self-sufficient country.

We’ve also seen dramatic changes in government policies, playing a crucial role in shaping the solar industry’s trajectory over the last decade. Again, this is an area that can be improved and given more exposure.

How Do You Forsee The Next 5 Years At Solar Mate?


Although the last decade has seen significant growth, I would imagine we will see an increased rate of market adoption over the next few years. I’d expect to see the price of residential solar panels continue to come down and, through increased education and awareness I would like to see Solar becoming more and more common in both the residential and commercial spaces.

Although it’s early in the Solar Mate journey, it’s clear that the opportunity we have in front of us is a super exciting one. Our aim over the next 5 years is to play a pivotal role in increasing the number of homes generating electricity from solar panels by 75% and in turn help thousands of homeowners across the country become more energy self-sufficient.