Meet Ron Gidron, CEO and Co-Founder at Platform Engineering Solution: xtype

xtype provides native ServiceNow products to meet any level of demand from the platform with speed, reliability, and compliance. We serve some of the largest organizations in the world, enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation with ServiceNow at unprecedented scale and velocity.

Over 7,000 organizations are customers of ServiceNow, but many find it challenging to meet their goals on the platform. We’re here to solve this bottleneck for our customers and ServiceNow by optimizing the DevOps process on the platform, helping users get ahead of ServiceNow projects, and allowing them to focus on driving innovation that will give their companies a competitive edge.
Meet xtype: Accelerate ServiceNow delivery and enable enterprises to  unleash high scale and velocity on the ServiceNow® platform

How did you come up with the idea for xtype?

My two co-founders and I have a long history in enterprise DevOps. The idea for xtype stemmed from the understanding that the DevOps “toolchain” concept does not work for application platforms as it does for general code-based development. We had to devise a solution supporting a different model of application development.

With our collective experience in the industry, passion for delivering genuine ROI through the power of automation, and desire to usher in a new era of productivity and efficiency – we built xtype. We believe in proactively addressing shortfalls and are unique by being the first and only off-the-shelf platform engineering product for ServiceNow.

How has xtype evolved over the last couple of years?

Over the past few years, has made significant strides in its development and growth.

We’ve released our product to the market and found rapid success and adoption by some of the world’s largest organizations. We’ve built a world-class team that can serve customers globally and meets the needs of the most demanding ServiceNow customers worldwide. At the Knowledge 2023 event in Las Vegas, we unveiled our latest product, xtype View (which uncovers environment inconsistencies), with great enthusiasm.

Our evolution has been rapid and exciting, and we’re proud to be pioneers for game-changing technology in the ServiceNow sector.

What can we hope to see from xtype in the future?

Our customers’ experience highlights xtype as an increasingly vital part of enterprise digital acceleration. In today’s fast-paced and, at times, turbulent business environment, we’re proud to support them in remaining competitive and agile in the market.

We are committed to working very closely with our customers and ServiceNow. Our product roadmap includes exciting capabilities integrating intelligent automation and new use cases to enhance our customers’ benefits and capabilities. We also plan to expand our partnership program and find more success with key players in the ecosystem.