Meet Michael Popchuk and Radomir Novkovich, Co-Founders at Sales and Accounting Automation Platform: Saldo Apps

Saldo Apps helps micro and small businesses automate their sales and bookkeeping. We create simple mobile-first all-in-one software solutions that allow SMEs of almost any kind to sell online, record financial transactions, and keep their books digitally.
Saldo Apps help business owners bring clarity to questions like:

How much did I sell?
How much do I owe?
How much did I make?

And therefore get paid faster.

Saldo Apps solutions automate issuing invoices or register operations at the counter, track cash flow, control personal and business finances, manage inventory and staff schedules. Our portfolio already includes Invoice Maker, Receipt Scanner, Mileage Tracker, Checkpie, and ORTY POS.

Each business task is performed by a separate, simple, and intuitive mobile application that can be used independently or in sync with other Saldo Apps applications. The more applications a business owner uses, the more automated and integral the financial management of his business becomes. We aim to automate bookkeeping as much as possible, letting entrepreneurs focus on creating rather than maintaining.

Saldo Apps are already in use worldwide, from the US to Australia, and are in the TOP 5 App Store in their categories.

Michael Popchuk
Michael Popchuk, Co-Founder at Saldo Apps

How did you come up with the idea for the company?


The idea to create an ecosystem of simple applications for sales and accounting automation to serve small and micro businesses stroke us at the same time in 2018, long before we met.

At that time, I was on a consulting engagement in Asia. One day we were having dinner in a small family restaurant. I saw the waitress taking all orders, accepting payment, tips, and interacting with the kitchen using only the smartphone. It was the moment when I thought the power of mobile devices and digital payments were enough to make a simple mobile sales management system, which does not require expensive equipment and specialized training of employees. This is how I started ORTY.

Radomir Novkovich, Co-Founder at Saldo Apps

Precisely at the same, thousands of miles away, I started to develop Invoice Maker in the US. It became the first app in the future ecosystem.

When we met with Michael, we understood that we had a common goal to help the most underserved businesses (small and micro businesses) and already started to pursue it, but we were helping different audiences. I worked for the independent contractors market, and Michael – for HoReCa. So we decided to join our forces in 2021, create Saldo Apps, and develop a universal, simple, intuitive, and, more importantly, mobile-first sales and accounting automation system.

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?


The pandemic gave us an understanding that we do the right thing. It boosted the digital transformation of micro and small businesses and showed that the only way for even the smallest companies is to go digital, start taking orders online, and manage the business remotely.

We also understood: small businesses owners can’t spend fortunes on salaries or specialized equipment. They want their staff optimized and business easily accessed 24/7.

What can we hope to see from Saldo Apps in the future?


In 2022 we plan to release three more applications to enhance the Saldo Apps ecosystem. They will solve the problem of distributed management of personal and business finance and staff and inventory management.

We plan to fundraise at the beginning of 2022 to accelerate growth and bring Saldo Apps to as many businesses worldwide as possible.