Meet Samuel Barber, Founder & CEO of the UK’s First Ocean Conservation Pet Products Brand: Ochien

Launched this month, Ochien is the UK’s first ocean conservation pet products brand that is setting out to find a solution to the ongoing issue of marine plastic pollution as approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution enter the world’s oceans every day.

This year searches for ‘recycled pet products’ reached their highest point for five years and Ochien’s first range of products cater to dogs with its Dog Bowls being produced from over 95% recycled ocean plastics. The bowls are produced in Cornwall and made from abandoned fishing nets and ropes which are found by coastlines across Europe.

Samuel has a track record in the sustainability sector and has worked as both a sustainability consultant and entrepreneur. As well as founding his own businesses, most recently Ocean75, Samuel has also advised businesses from a wide variety of sectors on sustainability solutions. At Ochien, Samuel now works with a range of innovative recycling and environmental organisations across Europe to develop his product ranges. As the company grows Samuel aims for Ochien to become the leading sustainable pet products brand in Europe.


ochien logo


Tell Us About Ochien and How it Started

Ochien was born from a desire to make a difference in fighting ocean plastic pollution and to me there were two choices, either starting a charity or building a sustainable, long-term solution to reducing the plastics in our oceans.

That’s where the mission behind Ochien came from and what drives us forward. Every bowl is made of fishing nets/ropes that used to be in the oceans and now because of this they have a new life as a dog bowl instead of being discarded at sea or ending up in a landfill.



What Has Been Your Greatest Achievement So Far?

Seeing the first recycled ocean plastic bowl be made. That was a really special moment and then signing our first contract with a distributor to get the bowls out into the world across the UK and Europe online.


Have You Faced Any Challenges?

Starting any business has its challenges, most notably being a solopreneur means it can be important to keep on track when making key decisions but I love the challenge. I take each step as it comes – I’m confident in the sector and I genuinely believe if you create a great product then people will appreciate that and support you.


Where Do You Hope to be in One Year’s Time?

I hope our bowls will be available across the UK, Europe and North America online and in stores, with a second amazing product available, which I hope to start developing during the spring of 2023.


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