Sara Costantini, Regional Director at CRIF and InsurTech30 Judge, Explains What She’s Looking For From Entrants

Tell us about yourself

I’m Sara Costantini and I’m Regional Director for the UK and Ireland at CRIF, Europe’s leading provider of consumer profiling, fraud prevention, open banking and digital transformation solutions for the financial industry. For the last 25 years, we’ve been helping the industry to take their decision-making processes to the next level.

As Regional Director, I am leading work to further CRIF’s mission in the UK and Ireland to harness the full power of open banking and advanced analytics for banks, insurers and other financial providers.

I personally have over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector, and throughout my time at CRIF I have been focused on advancing the use of data by insurers and banks to deliver a deeper understanding of their customers and improve their overall digital experience.

What are you looking for from this year’s InsurTech30 entrants?

In today’s digital age, data informs everything we do, and in the insurance industry this is no different.

As such, I’d like to see how leading InsurTech companies are harnessing data for their own and their customers’ benefit. I’m looking to see how this data informs their insights and enhances the products they provide to their own customers so they can deliver the best level of service possible.

This should go hand in hand with innovation, which is why I’m keeping an eye out for companies that have innovation and technology in their DNA. I’ll be asking whether these companies tackle insurance-related problems that are faced by businesses in novel ways.

Do they actively demonstrate innovative ways of thinking? Do they offer new solutions to old problems? And I’ll be seeing if utilising data informs their approach.


What advice would you give to companies wanting to stand out from the crowd?

To stand out from the crowd, I want to see companies that ensure their customers’ needs are at the heart of everything they do and have developed innovative products and services to meet them. These products and services should be bold, unique to their company, and they should help modernise the sector in a concrete and tangible way.

As such, I’d strongly advise entrants to showcase their innovative products and solutions via engaging use cases. These use cases should demonstrate what makes their services unique and what market gap they fill. They should highlight the issues many face, and show how their products address and resolve them. Finally, they should show the impact that these solutions have had on businesses and on the wider insurance industry in general.
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