Scott Simpkin, Senior Associate at Seedrs and TR100 Judge, Explains What He’s Looking for From Entrants

Hey Scott, tell us a bit about yourself

In my career, I’ve only ever worked in startups – so I guess you could say that’s my passion in business!

I started my career as a founder of a software platform collecting feedback from restaurant customers and gained investment from two accelerator programmes – which really helped shape my knowledge of early-stage business. Back in 2015, nobody knew how to use QR codes (the primary access to our feedback form), and this proved a user-related barrier to growth that ultimately led to me taking the opportunity to help raise capital for businesses at Seedrs.

At Seedrs, I’ve been part of the growth of the company from 50 employees to our $100m acquisition by US platform Republic. I’ve always been passionate about equity crowdfunding, bringing investment opportunities to the masses – and I’m excited about the growth we can make as a global platform moving forward.



What are you looking for from this year’s TR100 entrants?

I’m looking for businesses that see 10+ years into the future. This is an amazing time to build a business, especially given the macroeconomic climate and the immense opportunities that a Web 3.0 world offers in terms of scale. Instant success is unlikely in this current climate, so businesses with patience and a vision will have an unfair advantage over their competitors.

What advice would you give to companies wanting to stand out from the crowd?

Be able to concisely describe your product and vision to a mass audience. Even if you have a complicated technology, your ability to acquire customers and investors will depend on the simplicity of your message. If someone can’t understand your business and vision in two sentences, you’re unlikely to grab immediate attention!