A Chat with Simon Broadbent, SVP EMEA at AI and Conversation Data Technology Company: Dubber

Dubber is an Australian headquartered cloud-first and cloud-only AI and Conversation Data technology company. As the world leader in conversational intelligence and unified recording platform we have a truly global presence and are currently supporting over 175+ service provider relationships.

Our business offering allows our customers and partners to monetise their most valuable asset – the conversations that take place across their networks. With 75% of all conversations being captured by 2025, Dubber is the default capture platform of choice for all service and communication platform providers across the globe.
Dubber Logo

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Founded in 2011, Dubber was born out of three friends sharing ideas over a few glasses of wine. The Founders being Steve McGovern (CEO), James Slaney (COO), and Adrian Di Pietrantonio (EVP). At the time they were all working with an Australian Service Provider who had committed to the ACCC (Australian regulator) to record all their inbound call centre traffic.

The trio realised just how expensive it was to record conversations and equally how laborious it was to retrieve the data. They saw a technological opportunity to do something novel in call recording and built an entire global-scale platform by making it cloud-native. In 2013, Dubber raised $6m which backed the first release of its call recording.

Dubber then successfully listed on the (ASX: DUB) in 2015 and created Unified Call Recording as a Service – now available on the most significant technology platforms in the world. In 2019 Dubber made its first strategic acquisition of CallN, followed by Speik in 2020. These acquisitions alongside the core foundation partnerships such as the Dubber Go offering on Cisco, have seen the company rapidly grow in subscribers, market cap and staff over the past 3 years.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Over the last couple of years, Dubber has seen the business hyper-scale across EMEA, APAC and The Americas supporting our significant wins with our targeted tier-one and tier-two service providers. The business has evolved to support a new breed and variety of Service Providers in the Microsoft ecosystem with DR, OC and OCM providers now a significant part of our GTM.

Dubber’s M&A activity has seen us integrate three organisations into our core business operations so that we can deliver enhanced capabilities across network-based mobile recording, compliance, voice AI and productivity-based solutions into our portfolio.

What can we hope to see from Dubber in the future?

The future is incredibly exciting for Dubber as we continue growing the business in domestic and overseas markets. As we move into 2023 and beyond, Dubber will focus its innovation efforts on moving from product to ‘true platform.’ This significant shift will enable customers to create a personalised and scalable Dubber experience that works for them.

With platform provisioning, Dubber will seek to take current voice capture capabilities and translate those into actionable business insights. Prepare to see increased AI functionality with the growth of the Notes Suite and a focus on servicing Foundation partners with best in class productivity tools.

Dubber hopes to have all of our applications embedded as a feature across all service provider networks, in addition to adding far deeper integration into platform providers like Cisco & Microsoft. We aim to conduct this while simultaneously providing a more extensive cross-platform play to further leverage our UCR and SPOG capabilities.

Dubber also intends to demonstrate a tighter and more programmatic approach to partnering with key service providers so that we can deliver more value to more subscribers more quickly. Finally, we hope to make further acquisitions to support our technological market growth.