Startup Profile: Phonely

Meet Phonely: A Company Leading the Charge In Protecting Vulnerable Telephone Users


In the world of digital communication, Phonely, a UK start-up, is leading the way in protecting vulnerable residential digital voice customers from the growing menace of telephone scams and fraud. Through its cutting-edge CallGuard technology, Phonely is setting new standards for consumer protection in the telecoms industry. 


The Impetus Behind Phonely 


The idea for Phonely stemmed from a deep-rooted concern over the rising prevalence of telephone scams targeting vulnerable individuals, especially the elderly. Alarming research revealed that victims of such scams often suffer significant financial losses and devastating emotional trauma.

According to a study by Age UK, individuals defrauded in their homes are 2.5 times more likely to pass away prematurely or require residential care within a year. Furthermore, the UK Finance annual fraud report for 2023 showed that telephone fraud losses surpassed online fraud losses, accounting for a staggering 43% of total losses. 

Driven by these sobering statistics and personal experiences with telephone scams, the Phonely team recognised the telecom industry’s moral obligation to prioritise consumer protection, much like email providers have done against phishing attacks. 


The Groundbreaking CallGuard System 


At the heart of Phonely’s offering is the innovative CallGuard system, designed to serve as a protective barrier against even the most sophisticated telephone scams. By using cutting-edge technologies in combination with human intervention, CallGuard empowers people to confidently answer their phones without fear of becoming a victim of fraudulent activities. 

Phonely’s Partnerships Manager, Kelly, emphasised the significance of their mission: “While more scams may originate online, the substantial losses from phone fraud highlight the need for the telecom industry to prioritise the development of security measures. Just as email providers have worked hard to protect their users from phishing, we have a moral obligation to join this fight against these criminals, also.” 


Rapid Growth and Future Vision 


Since its launch in February 2024, Phonely has experienced rapid growth and recognition for its innovative approach. The company has expanded its customer base across the UK, resonating with consumers seeking secure and reliable telephone services for themselves and their loved ones. This early success earned Phonely the prestigious Most Innovative Small Business UK Business Award in 2024 as well as features in publications such as GB News, the Express, the London News and Good Housekeeping. 

Looking ahead, Phonely remains committed to maintaining its leadership position by continuously updating its security measures to stay ahead of emerging threats. The company encourages customers to share known fraudulent numbers to build a global scam number database, which it aims to share with authorities to assist in prosecutions. 

Phonely has also fostered a supportive Facebook community, offering a safe space for sharing scam experiences and spreading awareness. Through its social media channels, the company actively updates the public on new scam activities, empowering consumers to protect themselves and others. 

Ultimately, Phonely’s wider vision encompasses expanding its services globally, driven by the belief that everyone deserves to communicate safely and without fear of scams or fraud. By continuously enhancing its security measures and building a supportive community, Phonely remains dedicated to setting new high standards in telecom consumer protection.