Startup Stories: Mike Wardell, CEO of Giacom

Giacom is a fast-growing technology business based in Yorkshire, disrupting the software distribution sector with its online cloud marketplace, which provides access to cloud services and top vendors across the globe to MSPs (Managed Service Providers) who service small and medium businesses.

With over 20 years of experience, the Giacom team are highly knowledgeable experts who are available on-demand to support our customers, helping to maintain strong relationships built on confidence and trust.

When an MSP partners with Giacom, they gain access to a wide range of vendors and world-class service and support to help them grow their business. Combined with a unique, simple billing system, no long-term commitments or minimum volumes we enable them to try services with no risk and focus purely on their business and therefore keep their customers happy.

“We see ourselves as different from our competitors, not just from a product or service point of view, but instead a holistic and full business perspective.”

Our vision is to help IT providers be highly efficient and effective by positively impacting their lives, and that is the anchor point for everything we do. We are happy to sit behind the scenes and enable our customers to be the hero and see ourselves as the Alfred to their Batman.

Anything we can do to help our customers unlock valuable IT business benefits – for them and their end-user customers – we’ll try to do, whether it’s an issue, opportunity or a solution – we aspire to provide high-class service and save our customers time by providing in-demand valuable services.

We have built our own platform and pride ourselves on customer-led development, ensuring we can react to our customer demands. We work closely and collaboratively internally and with our customers to assist them without the need to go through complicated tiers of support. Through our platform, we aim to remove friction from all processes and make their lives much easier

We’re continuing to enhance our customer service by ensuring we listen to our customers and deliver what we’re hearing. We also make sure that we’ve got the right product on the shelf that helps fix any problem we’re presented with, while also providing the right content, training and insight to help our partners educate their customers to ensure the solution fits the business.

“Everything we do is to help our customers be the best they can be and grow the business at their own pace. If the cloud is all about flexibility, Giacom is the CSP that delivers it.”