Meet Steve Kramer, Co-Founder and CEO at Digital Frontline Workplace: WorkJam

WorkJam exists to improve the lives of frontline workers. It’s that simple. We founded the company eight years ago because we recognised there was a large gap between traditional frontline management teams and the employee experience. There has been very little innovation over the last couple of decades in how organisations interact with and educate their workforce, and many large companies are still relying on clipboards and bulletin boards to communicate.

So we created WorkJam to solve that problem, connect the frontline, and bring together essential elements like communication, training, scheduling, and task management into one digital solution that can really have a positive impact on productivity.


What do you think makes WorkJam unique?

We’re the world’s leading digital frontline workplace. We’ve been fortunate to partner with some of the biggest frontline companies from around the globe and really help them revolutionise their frontline work. We’re unique in the sense that there really isn’t anyone else bringing all these solutions together.

We call it workforce orchestration. And the great thing about our tech is that you can use it to consolidate other systems you have or have it integrate seamlessly with the other technologies in your ecosystem. So WorkJam isn’t necessarily an either/or solution. It can also be this/and that.


How has WorkJam evolved over the last couple of years?

I think any conversation about evolution starts with the frontline itself. Think about how much has changed in the last few years between the pandemic and global labour shortages. Our customers have had to evolve to these changes very rapidly and so WorkJam has actually been an enormous aid in that evolution.

Of course, we’re continuously updating features and functionalities to assist with that, but in so many ways we were already uniquely positioned to help solve these problems frontline organisations face. As a result, we’re seeing tremendous growth as companies recognise they have to adapt.

What can we hope to see from WorkJam in the future?

We like to say our goal is to win hearts and dollars. There’s a very large and exciting TAM out there for us and our focus is on smart, productive growth within it.

We’ll achieve that by always making sure our core mission of revolutionising the frontline workplace is at the foundation of all we do. If we always keep those hearts in mind, then we believe the dollars will take care of themselves.