Stipop Founders Daniel Joonyong Cho and Tony Park: The Most Unique and Powerful Sticker API in The World

Tony Park

Stipop is the world’s largest sticker platform with some of the most creative online artists onboard, we also act as a sticker API service for businesses.

Over 6,500 global artists now upload their stickers on Stipop and over 200M end users are enjoying stickers that align to their tastes. As a sticker API provider, we are providing millions of new and trendy stickers to different apps and platforms.

Our sticker API is one hundred times cheaper than the conventional method and supports an easier installation process and multiple API endpoints for more advanced features.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Daniel and Tony, 2 co-founders of Stipop, met in boarding school 10 years ago as roommates. Now, 2 became 9 as a team of different people came together with one thing in common – they agree that chat stickers are an inevitable feature in the current world we live in.

We began as a sticker store app (stickers > users) but dozens of companies revealed that they needed a  sticker API for their services. We pivoted the business and Stipop’s b2b business (stickers > businesses) is officially going to launch in November this year.

No other APIs support multiple languages because they source stickers from local artists only. Knowing that a GIF from one culture has difficulty spreading to another, from early on we focused on acquiring artists from many different countries. Thanks to this we are now supporting the biggest sticker library with the largest language support of over 25 languages. This became a crucial point when negotiating with global companies like Google and Microsoft.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Fulfilling customers’ needs is crucial. It’s a plus when you gain early assurance their your product fits a specific market need as well.

In our case, after working to identify our target customers, we built an easy-to-understand API document and an API dashboard that allows us to supply up-to-date and qualified stickers to our customers in the easiest way, depending on their industry, target audience, and size.

Having the team motivated no matter what happens – even if COVID-19 interrupts you expanding your business – is an inescapable task. Things can happen and business situations might probably change. Even if we call ourselves “people living in the digital age”, we still follow the laws of nature. Once you know how to communicate with your teammates, you can gain their trust easily. As the first step, we hardly mention the word ‘company’ or work as a company, we always work as a ‘team’ instead.

What can we hope to see from Stipop in the future?

Instead of having in-house artists – which does not meet our main value of ‘diversity’ – any sticker creators can easily take part in Stipop, helping us broaden our creator network. We never limit any chances for artists to become big but we help them get noticed.

We aim to keep motivating them and improve our platform so they can focus on their work more than taking care of tedious financial tasks.

Online communication is continuing to become more mainstream, especially during COVID-19. Chatting online with stickers is also becoming increasingly popular. Stipop has a mission to simplify the way we communicate, and who knows – maybe it’ll become more popular than typing one day!