Interview with Suezann Holmes, CEO at ScaleXP: Automated KPIs, Metrics and Dashboards

ScaleXP is a business-performance platform that is pioneering machine learning advances to help tech companies grow faster. We give businesses, particularly high-growth SaaS companies, the tools to automate revenue recognition and consolidate financial and sales data through a single platform.

Through a single interface, historical performance can be assessed against benchmarked KPIs. This means that valuable metrics – such as MRR, CAC, LTV and even cohort analysis – insights and trends can be shared with the team, the board or any other stakeholders, to make informed decisions and fuel company growth.

Due to our seamless integration with existing platforms such as Xero and HubSpot, the onboarding process for new customers takes only one hour.

We recently raised 600,000 in a seed funding round. Backed by Cambridge Angels, Angel Academe, Syndicate Room and Founders Factory, the fundraise will support the development of our platform and services, and help us drive new customer acquisition.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Two major things combined to form ScaleXP, both of which were born out of my personal experiences at Tech Track 100 companies.

Firstly, I experienced immense frustration with the hours and days spent manually building spreadsheets to assess and track data. I wanted to find an effective way of automating much of this process, so that time and resource could be spent on higher value tasks – such as analysis and decision making.

Secondly, I had the realisation that data analysis is a powerful tool that can be provided even to early-stage companies, through a seamless integration of datasets. Many small companies overlook this importance, but in an increasingly competitive environment, customer-level insights are critical for growth. I wanted to make it easier for them to use their data to facilitate decisions to grow faster.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

ScaleXP is a child of the pandemic. My reasons for creating the company were validated tremendously once the Covid-19 outbreak started. Our customers have faced – and are still facing – increased uncertainty and a more acute need to quickly assess their business and financial performance data.

Moving quickly and successfully to meet this need during a time of crisis, has been a massive part of our success in securing the recent fundraise. In turn, we are constantly working on new ways to better support our customers as they prepare for life post-covid.

What can we hope to see from ScaleXP in the future?

Our mission is to help the world’s early-stage companies grow faster through data insights. Our main focus right now is to continue developing the platform and acquire new customers, so that we can continue to support the early-stage companies that make our economy. I would love to see a future where ScaleXP is supporting the most ambitious, creative and talented entrepreneurs across the U.K.!

As mathematicians, computer scientists and data geeks (generally masquerading as mums, dads and normal people!), we are passionate about giving founders and their teams the necessary tools to benefit from the growth opportunity that unlocking their data provides.