Meet Susan Hogan, Co-Founder of Educational Support Platform: The Baby Academy

The Baby Academy is a modern, single source of trusted parent education and support, for today’s new and expectant parents across the globe, delivered in the most accessible, and engaging way, providing a learning experience like no other.

A leading provider of pre- and post-natal knowledge and expertise, it offers a host of online classes and support services delivered by experienced healthcare professionals, to empower parents to make the very best decisions for them and their baby. The Baby Academy was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2019. It currently provides bespoke classes and expert support to parents across Ireland, the UK, USA, and Canada. It boasts over one million class registrants and continues to grow its education and support offerings.


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Tell us about The Baby Academy, what makes it different?

The Baby Academy is an educational and support platform providing online classes and services to a community of one million+ new parents across the UK and Ireland, US and Canada. All of our classes are delivered by leading healthcare professionals within the regions they are working in. We established The Baby Academy to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies through ease of access to much-needed information and support services, and I believe there are a number of things that make us different.

First is our world-class advisory board that helps steer the mission. This board consists of leading Harvard Medical staff and affiliate female health centres as well as senior staff at some of the world’s leading maternity hospitals. Next, the board oversees a team of 85 fully qualified and experienced healthcare specialists, including leading specialists in the area of midwifery, lactation, paediatrics and perinatal mental health and more.

Together, we provide more than 40,000 hours of live and interactive online classes every month for the Baby Academy’s one million registered parents across four countries. In other words, the Baby Academy is a modern alternative for busy parents in a post-Covid world! New mums and dads can register online for relevant classes within just minutes, and can pick and choose the classes they attend in tandem with their busy lives as new parents.



How did the company start?

We (my Co-founders Brian and Tom McGovern) founded The Baby Academy in Dublin in 2019. Brian and Tom are brothers and have run several successful businesses together prior to this, including the Dublin Academy of Education. Prior to launching The Baby Academy, each of us had experienced just how empowering education can be for individuals and communities alike.

Being a senior midwife in Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital, they approached me to consult with them on establishing a new school that provided an open, accessible and trusted education environment for new and expectant parents. In short, I was so taken by their mission that I proposed I come on board as a co-founder and company director, and thankfully they agreed.

Together, we wanted to launch a new digital platform that provided an open, accessible, and trusted education environment for parents, and a reliable, centralised source of knowledge and expertise provided in the most approachable, practical and entertaining manner possible. Now here we are three years later, and the Baby Academy has been going from strength to strength, through the pandemic and beyond. We’re so excited to continue to grow the platform in 2023.


Where do you hope to be in one year’s time?

Our main objective is to continue to grow and expand our services. Obviously, we initially started with a focus on pregnancy, encompassing a wide range of needs including breastfeeding, sleep, weaning, hypnobirthing, postpartum mental health, baby first aid, 1- to-1 consultations and more. Next, we aim to support a broader parenting journey too, from preconception through to pre-school.

We also have plans to significantly increase engagement with our growing online community via the introduction of our mobile app. This will mean daily interactions and support for expectant and new parents as and when they need it. Reaching even more expectant and new parents through their digital platform and further impacting on positive birth and parenting outcomes are high on the agenda for the next year too.



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