Tech Firm INATIGO Launches Wellness AI Chat Assistant: Monay

We chatted to Elemi Atigolo, Co-Founder at INATIGO about the new launch’

Monay – The world’s first total wellness Ai chat assistant. A cutting-edge Ai-powered conversational chat assistant and app designed to improve users’ total wellness.

Monay aims to help increase your overall well-being by leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize your life at the push of a button. Monay’s holistic offering includes financial well-being, eco living, wellness as well as mental health solutions to help you achieve optimal well-being. Whether you’re struggling to curb your spending, want to live a cleaner life or if you just want to improve your overall well-being – Monay has you covered!

Monay was created to be a new means of tackling the well-being issues that have increased significantly in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As we now know more clearly than ever before, happiness is not just about money.

We believe that true wellness is multidimensional. Therefore we built an all-in-one wellness platform, which we like to call the ‘Monay Club’. Within this unique club, members can access Monay’s wellness Ai assistant and Ai ‘coaches’ to learn programmes designed to help improve their financial, eco, mental and physical wellness.

The club, currently invite-only in both the US & UK also offers an “exclusive community of like-minded individuals” access to live events, human industry experts, 1-2-1 counselling and other tools to “upgrade” users’ well-being and better equip them to handle the pressures that have spiralled since the start of the pandemic. Monay is available for consumers and for employees as part of an employee well-being benefit.

We believe that when times are tough, Monay is a friend you can rely on to provide knowledge and support within issues we know of and face on a daily basis. We’ve made Monay and the Monay Club a one-stop-place to help like-minded individuals improve and unlock their full potential. We’re on a mission to help to make the world a happier, greener and healthier place.
Monay - AI Wellness Friend - Monay

How did you come up with the idea for Monay?

The idea for Monay originally came when my co-founder and I both experienced serious health issues and burnout because of not looking after our overall health and wellness. We both came from having successful careers; however this was all quickly affected by these life changing events.

Whilst recovering, we had time to think about what was really important to us, why it had all happened and what really made us happy. In this time we started to quickly realise that by focusing only on success, we were neglecting other areas of our lives and we were not looking after our total wellness.

After recovering, we both changed our lifestyles and took time out of the industries we were in, to focus on other mission-driven initiatives and areas.

When addressing and wanting to improve our lives, we quickly realised that there wasn’t just one place or solution that addressed our full well-being. Most wellness solutions only tend to focus on one area or they just combine mental and physical well-being together. However, studies have shown that wellness is multidimensional. That is why we created Monay and brought together some of the key areas that studies believe that when combined can add up to create a holistic sense of wellness and fulfillment.

How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Thanks to our team’s award-winning domain expertise, industry knowledge and broad use of data from our AI solutions within the areas of finance, sustainability literacy, and overall well-being.

The development and release of the Monay solution was able to be sped up to react to the change of people’s wellness requirements from the effects of issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic and climate change emergency.

What can we hope to see from INATIGO in the future?

As an innovation and technology company, we hope to see expediential growth and more industry recognition within 2021.

We were recently nominated as finalists in three categories at this year’s UK FinTech awards, including Innovator of the Year, Rising Star of theYear and Team of the Year. So we hope to continue to create industry recognised innovation that makes positive change.

We hope that from these new innovations we will see not only technology that will break through and disrupt the market, help many people but also highlight INATIGO as an established and one to watch technology firm.