The 3 Apps Every Consumer Brand Needs To Be Truly Customer-Led In Their Marketing

Over the last decade, people have changed the way they consume and engage with content, seeking out more authenticity and deeper connections from the brands they follow and love.

The evolution of social media platforms, the introduction of new apps and the rise of user-generated content (UGC) have reshaped the way brands connect with their audience, opening more lines of communication between the two, new ways to do marketing and opportunities for customer collaborations.

Simply put, brands have understood the importance of placing their consumers front and centre every step of the way, from resharing impactful UGC across their marketing channels to analysing how customers perceive them on social media.

The benefits of customer-centric marketing are endless (increased brand trust, engagement and word-of-mouth sales, just to name a few) but managing your strategy can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially if you don’t team up the right apps and technology.

To help you cover all the bases and fully master your people-centred marketing, we have selected the top three apps every consumer brand needs to be truly customer-led. Let’s take a look!

Leverage your best UGC and build a brand community using Miappi

People are sharing their love for your products with other users on social media through authentic, relatable images and videos. You want to tap into this positive sentiment to boost brand trust and sales. What is missing? An intuitive platform that provides you with the tools to leverage your user-generated content in an easy, cost-effective way that builds trust and boosts sales.

Luckily for your brand, Miappi is here to help.

Combining the technology of its Content and Community platforms, Miappi offers an all-in-one marketing solution for discovering and leveraging great UGC at the same time as managing relationships with your consumers.

With Miappi Content, you can find, license, curate and publish the very best of your user-generated content at scale across your marketing and social channels. Miappi’s AI powered platform sources the most accurate content for your brand, enables you to curate your content quickly and in bulk and to display it where it can influence other customers – helping you save time, reduce media spend and increase conversions.

Now that you have discovered impactful, free-to-use content, why not harness the talent of your most vocal consumers to create even more brand-relevant assets? Using Miappi Community, you can turn customers into passionate content creators.

So, what does this entail exactly?

The platform allows you to engage with the people behind your content and invite them to your brand community. Facilitating long-lasting collaborations that drive organic growth, with Miappi Community you can brief your members to create campaign-relevant content, seek valuable product feedback and capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing.


Understand how consumers react to your branded content with Hootsuite

So far we’ve seen how to successfully leverage content created by consumers for fellow buyers and how to build a community of talented content creators. But what about your own branded social content and the way your consumers react to it?

With Hootsuite, you can analyse your customers’ behaviour on social media so that you can understand how they feel about you and cater to their needs.

As you may know already, this social media marketing and management app enables you to post and manage all your social content to the right channels at the right time, in a single collaborative calendar. But Hootsuite is much more than a scheduling app and offers a comprehensive suite of tools that helps you make informed, strategic decisions.

With Hootsuite Impact, you can get a 360-degree view of your social performance, see how your audience reacts and engages with your content, and track its effectiveness in real time – whether it’s a single piece of content, a group of posts or a campaign. Get closer to your audience by understanding their engagement on your social channels at every step of the customer journey, and you’ll be able to grow the value of your content and increase your ROI.

Keeping your customers happy should also be one of the key priorities in your marketing strategy. Sparkcentral by Hootsuite is the perfect customer care solution, allowing you to manage every inquiry in one place, anticipate people’s needs, solve complex problems faster and seamlessly collect feedback from your consumers. By using this Hootsuite product, you’ll be able to build loyalty, improve your customer satisfaction, manage crises, and stay on top of everything.

Discover and track consumer-relevant conversations and trending topics with Brandwatch

The next big opportunity for your brand might be right under your nose and talked about by your customers already. So how do you find and track consumer-relevant conversations to discover insights that can help grow your business?

If you want to gain a better understanding of your consumers and what matters to them to inform your marketing strategy, then Brandwatch is the app for you.

Brandwatch is a digital consumer intelligence platform that facilitates the monitoring of the trends and topics that are important to your customer base through an accurate analysis of your brand, audience and market.

Providing you with the most historical and real-time consumer data, the app makes it easier for you to assess how customers perceive your brand on social media as well as discovering and reacting to every new consumer trend before anyone else through four simple steps:

  1. Search: collect posts, comments and conversations that are relevant to your brand
  2. Segment: curate conversations by different categories such as feedback, complaints and opinions
  3. Analyze: use AI to spot insights and answer your questions
  4. Act: share these insights across your organization with alerts and live reports

It comes without saying that using customer data and research is a crucial step to inform your strategy and make smarter decisions. With Brandwatch, you can power your marketing with valuable, unique insights to generate better results and ROI.

Whether you want to harness the authenticity of user-generated content to boost sales, assess the impact of your branded content on your audience or track consumer-relevant conversations to discover new business opportunities, these apps offer an answer to all your questions and are the perfect tech allies to help grow your brand. Are you ready to build your customer-centred marketing strategy?


About Toby Britton, co-founder of Miappi

Toby Britton, co-founder of Miappi