Three top tips for tech powered content marketing in 2020 – By Christopher Willis, CMO for Acrolinx

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the channels and tools marketers use evolve significantly. Perhaps most importantly, marketers are now harnessing the power of technology to create content that better aligns with user habits, preferences, and needs.

What does 2020, and indeed the next decade, have in store? And how can marketers evolve their strategies to keep up with the coming changes?

1. It’s all about dynamic content

We all know that delivering engaging, useful, and personalised content is the secret to success. But this year, as we move into the world of dynamic content, personalisation goes one step further.

The most common example of dynamic content is a personalised greeting on a mass email. But we should be using dynamic content in lots of other ways; from tailored web experiences to improved landing pages, and more effective forms, dynamic content isn’t just tailored to the user demographically, but also to what they care about in that specific moment. The key to effective dynamic content is relevance – and that comes from the smart use of data.

2. The future is artificial

Lots of brands are already using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create better, more accurate content, faster and at scale. It increases efficiency, speeds up content production, and keeps content aligned to strategy and guidelines as well as analyses data to make sure content is optimised for search and conversion.

However, while lots of the media rhetoric is about machines replacing humans, the demise of great content producers has been exaggerated. The future of AI will be to enrich what content creators are already achieving.

3. Video is still relevant

It’s widely accepted that the social media generation, with its shorter attention span and need for immediate gratification, turns to video because it helps explain concepts much more quickly. But don’t just use video for the sake of it. Like any other form of content, you need to be sure it’s right for your audiences based on what you know about them. Video should serve a purpose and be part of a wider marketing mix.

There’s plenty to be positive about as we embark on the year and decade ahead – using new technologies, techniques, and integrated strategies to connect with and educate your leads and customers. And for those of us who work in tech, it will be a renewed chance to see our digital acumen paying off by helping the brands we work for deliver compelling, engaging, and impactful materials.