A Chat With Tim Keaveney & Matthew Aubrey, Co-Founders of Plastic-Free Home Care Brand: Homethings

Homethings is a multi-channel challenger brand commercialising disruptive product formulations for a new audience in the Home Care category.

We use innovative formulation development technologies and R&D to commercialise revolutionary products in the Home Care category. Our first products to market are effervescent cleaning tablets for surface care. These products remove thousands of tonnes of single-use plastic and massively reduce CO2 emissions by allowing the consumer to refill their bottles at home using tap water.


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Tell us about the business, how did it start?

I was living in shared accommodation in London and I realised that my housemates and I all had our own individual products in the bathroom and kitchen. They would be lined up next to each other and they would all be packaged in single use plastic. I couldn’t stop thinking about how wasteful that was.

The eureka moment came when we learnt that the typical cleaning product is 90% water packaged in a single use plastic bottle. We knew we had to do something to change that.

At Homethings, we make home care products that make sense. We don’t ship water to customers, and we don’t use single use plastic. Our rule is that we only do things that work for our home and our planet at the same time.

This is where our brand tagline came from – ‘the world is bonkers, but Homethings makes sense’. It’s the realisation we need to change the status quo against the backdrop of the climate and plastic pollution crises.



How are you different from other companies on the market?

We are a fully mission-driven, purpose-led company. Our mission is to change the way the world cleans and that ambition really sets us apart. Our products are genuinely impactful – for example, one of our cleaning spray tabs saves 94% of the carbon emissions compared to a conventional spray – but we’re also a B Corp certified business so purpose is at the heart of how we have created the company.

We were awarded ‘B Corp Best’ status for the environment category earlier this year, which puts us in the top 5% of B Corps globally for environmental impact.

We are also fully committed to innovation. We are huge believers in designing products that eliminate waste and create a way of consuming that is future-proofed and makes sense for the world we live in.

Our surface care tablets have patented technology in them and we launched the UK’s first ‘powder to gel’ washing up liquid earlier this year.


Have you faced any challenges?

Homethings launched just after the first COVID lockdown in the UK. So not only have we faced challenges, we have actually only ever known chaos.

From supply chain delays, lockdowns, inflation, the War in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis, it’s been a tumultuous few years for everybody. This has been particularly challenging to navigate, especially as a company with a physical product and complex supply chains.

We’ve always bought into the old adage of trying to ‘control the controllables’ and to focus on the problems we’re solving and the customer that we’re solving it for. That philosophy has served us well so far!


What can we hope to see from the business in the future?

We have so much to do and huge ambition for the brand. We want to reach every household and customer in the UK, making it a no-brainer to refill and re-use their home cleaning products.

Fairy Liquid is apparently used in 60% of UK households. Our aspiration is to achieve that level of market penetration and become a beloved and trusted brand designed for the modern world.

We’re just starting on our journey and hopefully we can encourage some of the big incumbents to clean up their act too.


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