Meet Tom Griswood, CEO and Founder at Last Minute App: Late Space

Late Space is the brand-new app created to tackle “cancellation culture” by notifying local residents of last-minute cancelled appointments in their area so local businesses don’t lose out on valuable revenue. Late Space provides a one-stop-shop of local businesses within an area where there are available appointment bookings.

With 1 in 4 appointments cancelled, Late Space’s bright new technology makes the impossible possible, turning appointment cancellations into new bookings, letting customers see every appointment available right now and for the next 72hrs.

Introducing Late Space – the last minute app that shows you every available  appointment in the next 72 hours - Essex Live

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Late Space was born out of my frustrations with trying to find appointments. For example, I decided it was time to speak to a life coach about moving forward with my career. This is where I found my first hurdle.

After many calls to various individuals and businesses, trying to have a 20-minute conversation, it was impossible to get anyone’s time for 2 to 3 weeks. Which, quite frankly, didn’t suit my current workload or thought strategy.  I faced the same hurdle when trying to find an appointment with a local pet groomer.

My close friends who own a salon and run home businesses often spoke about the rate of cancelled appointments which affected her business. It then hit me, there must be a number of appointments in Chelmsford that have been cancelled within the same day, 24hrs & 48 hrs. that just aren’t known about and therefore providing frustration to people with busy lives who sometimes have to book appointments on the whim.

This is the problem – what happens when appointments get cancelled last minute? Particularly in such uncertain times as we are living – how much would it be worth to businesses to fill those spaces? How much would it help people who want to instantly find such appointments local to them without embarking on a drawn-out Google search, followed by a ring round? Why isn’t there a solution?

This is where Late Space was born and now it is my passion to make sure that businesses maximize their revenue and customers can use their time to its full potential.



What makes Late Space unique? 


What makes Late Space unique is that it’s the perfect matchmaker between customers and businesses, making the once thought impossible, possible.

On the one hand, we’re giving customers a portal where they can find all available slots and cancellations for services they need in their local area – no longer will customers be told there are no spaces for them or that they’ve just missed the last appointment.

For businesses, we’re driving customers to them, so they don’t lose out on any revenue from people cancelling at the last minute. In a nutshell, Late Space is the future of appointment booking that serves both businesses and customers’ needs, and no one else is offering exactly what we do through our app. 


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years? 


Since Late Space has just launched, I can’t really talk in terms of years, but I can reflect on the last year or so. Securing 250k in initial seed funding was a great moment and demonstrated that Late Space’s proposition was attractive enough to secure investment.

Engagement with Lean Software Led by Pete Marshall & Gary White as Late Space’s CFO respectively has been instrumental to the development of the app. Both Peter and Gary bring a combined 40 years of experience in the tech and finance industries and will play a pivotal role in helping to scale Late Space in the coming months.


What can we hope to see from Late Space in the future?


Late Space’s initial launch has focused on the Essex region due to its high concentration of appointment-based businesses. We wanted to ensure the service we are providing is of absolute quality for our clients so keeping the launch regional allows us to get enough feedback to build, break and rebuild.

Soon, however, we will expand into other home countries. After that, the plan is to roll out our app and unique offering in other major regions of the UK and even in cities across Europe.