Interview with Tom Horne from TieTa – “Covid Testing Has Been a Huge Growth Area”

TechRound sat down with Tom Horne, the COO of TieTa, a company that has redefined the outsourced customer service experience – and has used its experience in financial services to now help companies with rapid covid-testing results.




What is the Background of TieTa?


TieTa was previously the customer service arm of one of the UK’s largest short term lenders (MY JAR), and we helped over 300,000 customers through their loan applications, collections and quality monitoring over a sustained 8-year period.

Today, TieTa is effectively helping businesses or all sizes as an outsourced customer service centre. We have a fully operational team based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, where your company’s customer services can be white-labelled and your technology is integrated with ours. So whether it is general enquiries, complaints handling or test results, information is shared between the parties in real-time and reported effectively.


You Have Recently Been Helping Companies That Offer Covid-Testing – Is This Correct?


Yes, with our background in financial services and working in a highly regulated environment, it was a seamless transition to work with covid-testing companies who are inundated with bookings and queries.

I don’t think we or the client expected such a massive volume of enquiries. But essentially there are 3 types of covid tests – a general test, fit-to-fly test and the day 2 and day 8 test if you are isolating.

“After working for 10 years in a regulated environment, moving to covid-testing was a seamless transition and it’s been really interesting to learn about too.”

We’ve been able to facilitate the customer services for companies that specialise in covid-testing including the bookings, test results and ongoing queries via email, phone call, SMS, social media, live chat and everything in between.

We saw a need for good outsourcing in that area and when the government approved list came out with the clinics offering covid tests – I think a lot of the clinics were just overwhelmed with the number of enquiries they were getting. One of our clients had a huge backlog of queries that they could not deal with – and this was a great time to get TieTa involved.


How Has TieTa Kept Up With The Demand?


We have a solution in-house that we can deploy very quickly, with the capacity to add more customer service agents whenever we get busier.

We have a clear route to competency tests. We put all our agents through extensive training and we can show the clients that they are up to a certain level of quality.

When previously working under FCA regulation, the attention to detail was so fine – so moving to covid-testing has felt very natural.

However, there is no reason why we cannot help any kind of company with their customer service requirements. Retail, insurance and finance are just some other industries that we work with and with TieTa you have the flexibility to use as many of our trained agents, for as long as you want, or even just to cope with your busy periods or out-of-hours customer support.

We understand the value of good customer service and with a personal and flexible approach, TieTa is here to help.

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