Tom Mundy, Goodlord’s Co-Founder and COO: Improving The Renting Experience Through Tech

Goodlord is a technology company focused on improving the renting experience. Our software makes renting an easy, efficient experience for tenants, letting agents, and landlords alike. We do this by digitising the key elements of the process – including referencing, contracts, and payments – to minimise paperwork and make it super easy for everyone involved.

On top of that, we offer services to support the wider rental process; this includes everything from helping tenants get their utilities and WiFi set-up when they move in, to providing insurance and fraud detection services to landlords. Right now, we’re working with over 1000 UK letting agents and help power over 250,000 tenancies a year. We’re bringing renting into the 21st century.
Goodlord: making renting simple and transparent for everyone involved.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea for Goodlord came about when my co-founders and I saw how difficult it was to simply rent a flat – we couldn’t  believe how much paperwork and how many in-person meetings were needed to process one tenancy – it felt archaic. That sparked the initial idea for the company. We began with digitising the application process renting  (which is still a core part of our business) and expanded our products and services from there.


Tell us about the recent partnership with Credit Kudos

We’re always looking to improve our services and ensure our letting agent and landlord customers have access to everything they need, as well as making sure British renters can find and secure their next home. This partnership means we can use Open Banking to assess people’s ability to pay their rent in a fairer, more inclusive way. By not simply relying on credit scores, we can ensure more people who are in a position to rent have the opportunity to do so.

Credit Kudos has been a fantastic partner to work with so far – we’re big believers in start-ups with complementary products coming together to make things better for the market.

What can we hope to see from Goodlord in the future?

We’re always focused on growth; helping more renters, agents and landlords have a positive experience. This year has been intense to say the least, but we’ve definitely seen increased demand for tech solutions in the property space. Going forward, we’re focused on ensuring each of our customers is getting the best service and that we keep innovating when it comes to product.