How Unikrn Are Taking Over The Esports Betting World

The video gaming industry is now worth more than the likes of video and music put together, and its competitive strands are leading the race to be the most lucrative of these. It is estimated that there was over three billion hours worth of footage were digested by Esports fans around the world last year, putting it well above the likes of the MLB, MLS, NHL, NBA and even the regular season of the NFL.

With more and more people looking to join in this new community, Unikrn has emerged as the number one home for all things Esports. From news stories and updates from the world’s most popular games, to wagers on everything from The International to your very own game, Unikrn is the only video gaming site anyone needs to worry about.

Who Are Unikrn? is the number one home for all things Esports. We post daily pieces of content on the latest news, updates and stories from all of the leading games in the industry, offer the best tips and markets on games and events from around the globe and host the world’s only platform that allows users to earn rewards playing the games they love.


With Esports Betting Become More Popular, What Is Unikrn Doing To Stand Out?

Plenty of sites give users the opportunity to watch streams and bet on games, however there isn’t a place that lives and breathes gaming like Unikrn does. There isn’t an Esports hub in the world that offers dynamic and varied markets, regular tips and content, livestreams of all the action and a community hub that allows players to challenge each other for rewards.

On top of that, Unikrn is the first place to develop an unique blockchain-based technology to help launch UMode, a player vs. house skill wagering format that lets players back their skills and earn money whilst gaming. By synching up personal accounts and letting the house put forward a whole host of challenges, UMode is the only wagering platform that eliminates the risk of hustlers or sharks found on other platforms and offers a fun, fair time regardless of a user’s prior experience.

Has COVID-19 Affected The Business For Better Or Worse?

In a way, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only shed light on the benefits of Esports and how truly popular it really is, but it’s shown exactly why traditional real-world sports are going to need to adapt and become more like Esports in the coming years. Whilst huge leagues such as the English Premier League have had to be shut down and are embroiled in a messy series of debates and discussions over how/if it can get back to normal, games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike have been able to easily shift the action online.

Not only does this help to promote staying at home and maintaining social distancing, but it has led to a surge in viewership and interaction within the community. Events such as the ESL Pro League in Counter-Strike smashed their all-time audience tallies several times over the course of its runtime and these games have gone onto break records of their own in terms of how many people are playing them.

Because of this increased activity, Unikrn has been able to capture a lot of this and become one of the biggest faces at the front of this exposure for the community.

How Have Perceptions Of Online Betting Changed?

For years, betting has had a real image problem. It’s been seen as something elitist and only enjoyed by older generations on things like Horse Racing or Football. Online betting changes that by giving far more access to a whole new generation of people. Social media arguably helps to create more of a perception of community, allowing for more widespread conversations, a more diverse range of markets and offers and, most importantly, an easier way to reach out for structure and support if something ever becomes a problem.

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