Up in the Cloud: Pulse360

TechRound recently interviewed Russell Cook, Managing Director at fast-growing cloud technology provider, SIRE. With more companies and businesses finding themselves having to migrate to ‘the cloud’ for everything from payroll software to the very running of their businesses, cloud technology has never been more important. With recent events relating to COVID-19 and the need to be able to work remotely, the cloud is growing and progressing at a rate that could hardly have been predicted even a few months ago.

What is SIRE and What is Pulse360?

SIRE is an established provider of cloud technologies, innovative business systems and processes. We aim to make a real difference to the operations of our customer organisations, by enabling our customers to focus on their core business activity whilst we manage their infrastructure. Using a combination of the latest cloud computing techniques and virtualisation, our highly experienced team, with over 25 years’ experience, provide a reliable, flexible and financially viable IT infrastructure coupled with robust technical support, that is scalable and future proof.

Our newest offering, Pulse360 is a fully virtualised, performance assurance platform and service. Working 50% faster than other network monitoring tools, Pulse360 ‘as a service’ provides enterprises with complete visibility on the performance of their IT infrastructure through the quick delivery of granular performance data and actionable insights. Pulse 360 helps to improve the customer experience and cloud migration, through agile network performance analysis and IT infrastructure visibility. It allows us to support our clients with the best possible service and provide uninterrupted business continuity across the entire network.

Who are the team and the brains behind Pulse360?

Pulse360 is a concept brought to market by SIRE utilising existing skills coupled with the Skylight product from Accedian, the global leader in performance analytics and end user experience solutions. SIRE is one of Accedian’s few partners in the UK and we are thrilled to be to the first to bring such a game changing, sophisticated performance analytics system to the market.

When did you start Pulse360?

The Pulse 360 platform launched in March 2020.

What does Pulse360 do?

Supporting CIOs, enterprises and service providers, SIRE’s Pulse360 is a fully virtualised, performance assurance platform and service that works across all platforms including hybrid, cloud or legacy network architectures. Performance data is produced with extreme precision and efficiency, and to help assist with a smooth transition to the cloud with less risk. The analysis of billions of data points leveraged through AI and Machine Learning, means Pulse360 detects issues such as a cyber breach or performance issues that other solutions may miss.

The Pulse360 platform also uses a lightweight universal analytics engine, to extract metadata from customer traffic to support the cloud migration process. The metadata displays data such as response time from applications and computer workload trends, enabling enterprises to plan, deliver and monitor digital transformation while reducing the risks that often occur during transition.

What are the challenges you have found, getting people onto the cloud?

Two key issues, the first is the change in mindset that IT departments must make – having a cloud is not replicating the infrastructure that one has in house and moving it to the cloud. This does not capitalise on the scalability and flexibility of clouds and often leads to the wrong workloads being run in a cloud.

The second is around risk management. Having an understanding of what systems are doing and what other services they talk to is essential to getting cloud migrations correct. Without this understanding, unexpected poor performance or higher costs could surprise a business.

What does Pulse do that your competition can’t? 

Data is collected and stored in a scalable manner and can be fully automated and orchestrated. By analysing the data across the entire network Pulse360 quickly and reliably produces actionable insights that could potentially impact the organisation and its end customers’ user experience.

It does this 75% more efficiently than other performance analytic tools with 99.9% proven reliability, ensuring digital infrastructures and devices always operate effectively for a flawless customer experience. Pulse 360 can deliver data and actionable insights with an accuracy of one microsecond and granularity of one millisecond, ensuring an agile deployment and management of latency-sensitive services.

What are your plans for expansion into the world of clouds and data?

Cloud migration is becoming integral to how organisations function and a priority for businesses due to the demand for increased resources, speed, control and flexibility, never more so than the current and unprecedented business environment. Ensuring faultless technology performance and immaculate customer experience throughout this transition is essential. Our further expansion plans include offering Cloud services from Gibraltar, a UK sovereignty thus keeping data within the UK jurisdiction and offering a truly “offsite” location.

How do we sign up and find you?

Visit https://www.sire.co.uk/services/pulse-360/