Uvence: The Future of Natural Skin Rejuvination

Uvence is a cosmetic treatment company that has developed an all-natural, on-demand cosmetic tool for skin rejuvenation, which takes a product typically reserved for a handful of specialist plastic surgeons and opens this up to cosmetic doctors in clinics across the country. 

The Uvence treatment is quality-controlled, 100% natural procedure, which uses purified extracts of a patient’s live tissue to rejuvenate and repair skin. A patient’s tissue is extracted through mini-liposuction, which can be carried out under local anaesthetic with little to no recovery time, and purified to create ‘Super Enriched Tissue’, a fluid packed full of biochemically active molecules associated with skin rejuvenation, with zero added chemicals or synthetic substances.

This fluid can then be cryo-preserved for up to 5 years, providing patients with a long-term, all-natural solution to actively rejuvenate skin with immediate and long-lasting results, and a treatment which can be replicated with predictable, standardised results. 

Uvence - A Revolutionary Treatment

How did the company start?


CMO Dr. Olivier Amar, CEO Reece Tomlinson and Chairman Dr. Chris Donegan have pioneered the standardisation of the treatment after asking leading plastic surgeons what they believe will be the future of the industry. 

Tomlinson has run several cosmetic companies including hyaluronic acid based dermal filler developer, Intraline, and has led companies to the Profit 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies in Canada on three occasions. Dr. Amar has been a leading plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon in the UK and France for over a decade, specializing in minimally invasive techniques to restore, revive and replenish the skin. Dr. Donegan is a Ph.D Biochemist and global expert in Intellectual Property. 

This combined experience gave them the balance of tools to set out on the Uvence journey. Having understood that natural, personalised and minimally invasive treatments are the future of the beauty and wellness industry, the team set about a way to standardise, store and scale the best minimally invasive, rejuvenative and personalised procedures from the very cutting edge of the aesthetic surgery arena to make this accessible to people everywhere from their own cosmetic doctors.



How has the need for Uvence evolved during the pandemic?


Uvence’s independent research recently discovered that over a third of people in Britain have reported that the stress and lifestyle changes brought about by the pandemic are causing clear signs of premature ageing, whilst around 6 million people feel they have aged at least 5 years since the start of lockdown. This goes some lengths to explain the ‘Zoom Boom’, which has seen many clinics, including the Cadogan Clinic in London, experience a 100% increase in booked treatments vs this time last year, with many patients attributing their desire for cosmetic treatments to hours spent staring into screens and Zoom video conferencing drawing attention to their tired and stressed appearance. 

With this in mind, over 6 million people say that they are considering cosmetic treatments to boost their appearance and combat ageing, but are put off by the notion of introducing synthetic substances and potentially dangerous chemicals into their bodies.  

Uvence’s 100% natural approach to minimally invasive cosmetic treatments answers the call for a natural, long lasting solution for skincare and combatting ageing, and has developed an extensive waiting list since clinics were able to open following the most restrictive period of lockdown. 


What can we hope to see from Uvence in the future?


Uvence is currently available in a selection of clinics in London and southern England, and we have built up an extensive waiting list for our procedure. 

We are currently working on developing extensive laboratories and additional storage facilities for our patients’ ‘Super Enriched Tissue’, which will allow us to purify, process, store and deliver our service to more clinics across the UK. 

In the next two to three years, we are looking to expand into over 40 clinics across the UK, opening up our rejuvenative treatment to clinics, doctors and patients across the country.


Interview with Uvence CEO, Reece Tomlinson