Interview with Vaughan Thomas, MD and Co-Owner At Fundraising Platform: formunauts One

Vaughan Thomas

Formunuats One is the world’s first marketplace for the face-to-face community. It brings together an award-winning SaaS fundraising platform, Europe’s leading payment provider in the charity market and access to a panel of vetted fundraising agencies all under one contract partner to help make excellent face-to-face fundraising happen.
Face-to-Face Fundraising Tablet Software - formunauts

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Face-to-face fundraising is a long-established and very important method of fundraising but it has become increasingly complex and inflexible. The channel suffers from huge inefficiencies which need to be challenged and changed.

For example, a typical fundraiser will engage 100 people per day but will only manage to sign-up 2-3 new supporters. Recognising this along with the opportunity that bringing technology and people more harmoniously together brings, we developed formunuats One; in doing so have created the first one-stop-shop for face-to-face.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

It’s been said quite a few times in the last year that out of adversity comes opportunity. This is very much the case with formunauts One. The pandemic has made us all think and subsequently behave differently.

The new norms have created new problems to solve like how can you safely interact but keep socially distanced? How can you capture donor personal details on a pledge form without members of the public having to touch a fundraisers tablet? I believe the situation has presented the perfect opportunity to press the reset button on outmoded thinking in the fundraising community and explore more innovative, creative solutions which is at the very core of formunauts One.

What can we hope to see from Formunuats One in the future?

The strategic plan for formunauts One is to develop the marketplace into being the go-to place for face-to-face fundraising on a global scale. We not only see growth into additional markets across the world but also the opportunity to add further elements including fundraising automation and digital marketing to create a much more effective donor journey into the mix. Our mission is to create impactful campaigns that fundraisers around the world love to work on in order to raise much needed funds for the great causes we represent.