Vibio Co-Founder Interview: Sex Toys, Tech and Innovation

Vibio creates inclusive and untraditional sex toys that combine innovative design and app technology to encourage sexual exploration, all the while presenting sex in a natural and fun way that is crucial to our overall wellbeing.

My cofounder Alma and I started this company in London two years ago, and earlier this year we launched a Kickstarter campaign in which we pre-sold 450 units. We’re now in the process of setting up mass production for our first product, Ella. 

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

We started this company as a statement for female sexual empowerment, wanting to create sex products and services that are true to reality and take into account our fantasies, diversity in bodies and ages and prioritise what people actually want vs what society has imposed through misrepresentation in porn, media and TV. Alma and I have been friends since we were in pre-school, so it all started as a passion project between friends. 

2017 was the year we started to hear some buzz (pun intended) about sextech, and how women founders were disrupting what we thought was a very male-dominated industry. These were exciting products that deviated quite a bit from the traditional dildo, but for us, it was all about the mission behind them. We talked about our love for sex toys and how awesome it would be for everyone to be more open about pleasure and sexuality, and that’s how we started designing Ella.

Tell us about your new product, Ella

Our first product, Ella, is a wearable vibrator for vagina-havers designed for external stimulation. Despite fitting two powerful motors, its anatomical design makes it comfortable to walk with and it’s lightweight, small and discreet; breaking all stereotypes of traditional sex toys. It is controlled via our app, so folks can play solo or chat with their partner(s) and let them play with it remotely.

Ella: A Vibrator You Control From Your Phone by Vibio Toys — Kickstarter

What can we hope to see from Vibio in the future?

We hope to keep creating inclusive products for exploration, taking into account female, male and non binary opinions. We come from a place where our voices have been ignored so it is important for us to create solutions with the input from others. Not only more toys, but also app features and content that encourage people to discover and expand their sexuality. For now, we’re growing our Vibe tribe on social media and learning from what they and our Kickstarter backers would like us to work on next.


Interview with Patricia Cervantes, Co-Founder at Vibio