Victoria Repa, A 28 Year Old Female CEO Heading Up BetterMe: An Wellness Startup With 85M Downloads

BetterMe is the leading Health & Fitness mobile publisher in the world in terms of installs.

BetterMe was founded in 2016, and has already been downloaded 85 million times. 

Over 50K loyal users currently use our app at least 3 times a week. BetterMe is available in 189 countries. 

Our flagship app BetterMe Home Workout & Diet is available in over 10 languages: English, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and more. Moreover, our meal plans are localized according to local food cultures. For example, we offer completely different menus for China and the States that are equally effective in helping users reach their goals, be that weight loss, muscle gain, or improving their overall nutrition.

We designed BetterMe for those at the beginning of their health and fitness journey. We offer personalized workout and nutrition plans supported by real human coaches, as well as the most comprehensive tracking in our competitive space. Our team understands the importance of support and proper motivation at the start of a health-related life change. We assist and educate users in every possible way. 

The mission of BetterMe is “Creating happiness within”.   
BetterMe Mobile App | The Best Mobile App Awards

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

While working at a media company, Vitaly Laptenok, a future BetterMe co-founder, and I witnessed rapidly-growing demand for high-quality health & fitness content. 

We conducted preliminary research and found out that over 90 million American adults and 13 million children were obese in 2016. A Google search query for “How to lose weight” was ranked fourth in the general how-to category. At the same time, the fitness app market had skyrocketed from virtually nothing to more than $500 million in just a few years. It was clear that a significant part of the fitness industry was ripe to move to the web and mobile apps.

We decided to monetize growing fitness opportunities online in the fall of 2016. For our initial tests, we published health & fitness-related content and gathered early sign-ups before even having a product to offer. Our first app — BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts — exceeded all our expectations, bringing over 80,000 organic downloads in two months without any advertising push whatsoever. Now the global fitness app market is on track to reach $16 billion in sales by 2026, and we’re well-prepared to capitalize on that demand.


What advice would you give to other aspiring female entrepreneurs?

“Fail fast & cheap.” I treat any failure, whether an unsuccessful ad campaign or a few negative reviews, as a valuable experience and opportunity for growth. If you let the fear of failure take over your thoughts, you’ll have a hard time succeeding in the tech world.

What can we hope to see from BetterMe in the future?

BetterMe’s main goal is to become the #1 product in the Health & Fitness field. 

From 2016 to 2020, we have defined our ecosystem and created separate apps for each of the major wellness needs, be that meditation, yoga, walking, or running.

We are now focused on our flagship product – BetterMe Home Workout & Diet. The plan is to create a master app to cover all digital wellness needs – workout programs, nutrition & community. 

My personal goal as a leader is to continue creating products I’m proud of and reveal my hidden potential.