Vihan Patel, Founder at The Power of Music (POM): A Dating App for Music Lovers

POM is the dating app for music lovers. We use the music you love to introduce you to others who feel the same, guaranteeing a shared baseline compatibility from which to build meaningful connections. Studies have shown that music compatibility is one of the main things people look for in prospective partners, and our API allows the POM app to integrate with your streaming service of choice, helping us build an honest picture of who you are. This frees users from the hot-or-not swiping game that drives so many dating apps now.

If this all sounds a bit robotic, because it is – then think about it like this: successful relationships are built on emotional compatibility above all else, and we use that most personal of things – taste in music – to bring people together. There’s a reason we called it the Power of Music! POM is exclusively inclusive – we’re all about loving what you love, being unapologetically who you are and finding the perfect match for the real you.
The Power Of Music (POM) at London, United Kingdom - Angel Investment  Network

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The seed of the idea for POM was actually sewn long ago, when I made what I thought was a truly painful mistake. While I was studying, I accidentally sent a playlist I had made for a friend to the wrong person, nearly cringing myself out of existence. Luckily fate stepped in – I got a song back from the stranger as she liked the playlist I’d made.

We ended up communicating purely by sending songs back and forth for a while, eventually, we met and ended up dating. Music had brought us together and this idea stayed with me.

Time passed, and I got into hosting events at universities around the country. One thing that was always evident was that depending on what sort of event I put on genre wise, the type of people that turned up varied massively… The way they spoke, how they dressed and even what they had to drink changed. This unique connection point really shone a light on how important music is to people’s identity, and how that can in turn bring people together.

One late night after a successful event I joined the dots in my mind and it just…clicked. This realisation kickstarted everything and the idea for POM was born. My life changed overnight, giving me a new goal and purpose and I’ve been working towards it since. Now here we are!


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Ignore the status quo. The well-trodden path isn’t always the best path, don’t be afraid to do something a bit different.

What can we hope to see from POM in the future?

We’re testing our app right now and will be building up to a full release soon. Our vision is for POM to be much more than just a dating app. Music is such a fundamental part of people’s lives and it’s important to us that people see POM as part of a lifestyle. We’ll be working with great artists across the musical spectrum to spread our message about the Power of Music, as well as events (when appropriate) and so much more.

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be giving away some amazing prizes and unforgettable experiences as we invite people to join us at the start of a really exciting journey. We’re here to change the dating game for good, all you need to do is sign up!