Meet Virgile Raingeard, Co-Founder and CEO at Real-Time Compensation Benchmark App: Figures

Virgile Raingeard

I created Figures because after a 11 years career in HR, I was tired of having no reliable data around salaries in the start-up and scale-up market. I was joined by Bastien Formery to provide start-ups and digital companies with the first compensation benchmark product with real-time, reliable data on salaries.

Figures enable companies to adjust their compensation policy with the most accurate market data possible. After starting out of France, we expanded into Europe, and are now present in Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and counting!


What makes Figures unique?

We’re the only compensation product with reliable market data for start-ups all over Europe. Moreover, thanks to our real-time HR Systems/payroll integration, our data is real-time; following market movements precisely is very important, especially given the current unstable environment (inflation, remote boom, etc.).


How has Figures evolved over the last couple of years?

We were created in October 2020, and focused on France for more than a year. In 2022 we grew from 190 clients in 2 countries to more than 800 clients in 14 countries as of late September! More than our dataset, our product has grown quite a bit in a few months.

We can now help our customers to prepare for their next compensation review in the most efficient and precise way possible: by identifying at-risk employees, taking local inflation rates into account and adjusting for our client’s policy. Do they want to pay “at market” rates or do they want to pay top of the range? Providing data is just a first step: compensation is so complex, there’s so much more to do to help companies figure out (pun intended) their compensation mechanisms!

What can we hope to see from Figures in the future?

We’re going to keep expanding all over Europe fast. We’re moving towards a fully distributed world. Having data in London, Paris or Berlin is not enough anymore, we need to help our customers know how much they have to pay their next hires in Lisbon, Kraków or Athens!
Moreover, we want to help companies design, and run their full compensation review cycles within our product. No more spreadhseets! That means onboarding managers, managing budget, validation workflow and monitoring fairnes. We’re very excited by what we’re working on at the moment, that we think will change people’s experience of compensation reviews!

Transparency in pay is coming, it’s inevitable. We think Figures can help companies manage that transition much more easily. We will help communication towards employees and candidates, who are often confused about what they earn today or can earn tomorrow!