We Met Mads Jensen of Superseed, An Early Stage Venture Capital Fund

Mads Jensen

SuperSeed is a hands-on, commercially focused Seed VC that backs ambitious B2B founders, and helps them accelerate the commercialisation of their product.

The founders and partners at SuperSeed are all ex-entrepreneurs who’ve gone through the journey of founding, building and exciting software and digital companies. We know how rewarding, but also how tough it can be to build a successful software business. We love supporting smart entrepreneurs who look to change the world of business.

Why did you start Superseed — how did you come up with the idea?

By some measurements, less than 10% of UK VCs have worked in a startup, according to Diversity VC. There is definitely a time and place for financially focused investors, but at the seed stage we believe it is easier to support founders when you’ve been in the trenches yourself. Based on that insight, we launched SuperSeed in 2018, with a view to help B2B founders accelerate as rapidly as possible from Seed to Series A and beyond.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We have been fortunate in two ways:

1. As VCs, we already spent most of our days on zoom calls – even prior to Covid. So once the Pandemic broke out we had to move from our London office to our home offices. And we also had to get comfortable investing without meeting the founders even once. But we quickly got through those things, and we have invested in 8 great new teams over the past year.

2. We work in B2B software which has generally performed strongly throughout the pandemic. A few of our companies faced headwinds, but many benefitted and overall the portfolio has performed extremely well, having grown revenue by several multiples over the course of 2020. The big credit here goes to the founders we work with. They are incredibly resilient and resourceful, and we love working with them.

What does the future hold for Superseed?

We are looking to continue to back 8-12 amazing B2B teams every year and will raise additional capital so we can invest more in the founders we back, and increase the support we can provide them. We are still a young fund, but the opportunity in B2B and smart business automation is incredible. In many ways, the tech industry is only getting started, and has already transformed the global economy. I think our world will look vastly different in 20 years, and at SuperSeed, we want to positively contribute by supporting super smart teams that enable business to work smarter and better.