Q&A with Sonny Sehgal, CEO, Transputec

In a world where cybersecurity, online presence and how companies work online, it is more important than ever that that any company has the necessary support to get the best out of their teams. Transputec offer a wide range of services spanning cyber and digital, so TechRound sought to find out more from Transputec’s CEO, Sonny Sehgal…

What Inspired You to Found Transputec?

The inspiration to start Transputec was always driven at an early stage, I have always had a passion for gadgets and technology, and when I finally managed to get an opportunity to produce something for the corporate world, something inside me said that I needed to create my own company.

Transputec was officially formed in my first year of university where I studied Computer Science at Imperial College London. The course opened my eyes to a world of opportunity and quickly developed my coding skills.

I worked with my brother Rickie to grow the company, offering a range of services to clients which now includes managed services, cyber security and artificial intelligence capabilities. These are challenging but exciting times to own a tech business, and it’s important to focus on how we can enable firms to thrive despite the obvious challenges posed by the Covid-19 crisis.

How Can The Tech Industry Help Businesses During Covid-19?

The global pandemic has had a huge impact on the way companies operate, with the vast majority now operating a remote working policy for the foreseeable future. Online collaboration is now key to company culture and productivity, and tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have already seen a sharp uptake.

If Covid-19 had struck 10 years ago, the world of business would be in a much worse state of affairs than it currently is. The technology we have at our disposal cannot be underappreciated, and it’s important that we, as well as other technology vendors and organisations, help maintain the symbiotic relationship we have developed with businesses of all sizes, and workers belonging to a range of industries.

To support the safe return to work, Transputec has developed our new AI-powered thermal imaging system called Thermavis. This new Thermavis Multi-Person Thermal Scanner was created after a significant investment from Transputec. We hope the technology will enable government departments and businesses to return to work safely as lockdown begins to ease.  

How Has Your Business Been Affected And What Have You Learned? 

Our business wasn’t really affected, and fortunately we already had a lot of remote working practices in place, thus the migration to a 100% remote work model was relatively smooth.

I’ve learned that we’ve been very lucky that our business didn’t operate solely with specific industries, and that we actually work with a broad range of sectors and verticals. I know lots of organisations that have been severely affected because their business model did not allow them the flexibility or dynamism to branch out into a broad range of industries, and many were instead focused on certain types which were severely affected by Covid-19.

The other thing I learned is that productivity increases and life balance improves!

How Will Thermavis Help Tackle The Coronavirus Crisis?

Thermavis is an innovative new technology that will help screen people for fever, one of the symptoms most commonly associated with Covid-19. This, in turn, will help provide a first line of defence for businesses looking to protect its workers as the lockdown rules slowly ease, and workers head back to cities and office spaces.

Thermavis will help to provide a level of assurance that is absolutely essential in flagging potential carriers of the deadly coronavirus, and stopping its spread. We’ve already seen technology of this nature used to great effect at various airports around the world, and now we’ve packaged up this defence mechanism into an affordable, flexible, easy to use product, which is completely accurate and can take real-time readings of up to six people at once.

As things stand, social distancing and self-isolation is still the most effective combatant against stopping the spread of Covid-19, and helping to enforce these rules by flagging contagious individuals could potentially save hundreds, if not thousands of lives, in the coming months and years.

What’s Next For Transputec?

In the past few years we have maintained growth and improved in the areas of Cyber, AI and managed services. Our teams are getting bigger and stronger as a result, and we strive to become an integrated partner for all of our customers, a place we love to be!

Of course, in the current world climate, we are fully dedicated to supporting our customers, and aiding businesses however we can. And, when the world returns to some semblance of ‘normality’ again, we hope to accelerate this positive incline, and maintain our position as a global leader in managed IT, security and cloud services.