Meet Yaroslav Kholod, Director of Programmatic Operations at Admixer

yaroslav kholod admixer

With over ten years of experience in online advertising, Yaroslav has been an instrumental member of the Admixer team since its very beginnings. He spent five years building the business’s publisher-side operations before shifting his focus to the programmatic ecosystem in 2016. He is responsible for the growth of Admixer’s demand and supply-side offering, ad-serving solutions, and developing comprehensive user-friendly services for customers across the industry.


Tell Us About the Business, How Did it Come About?

Admixer was born as a response to the need for a flexible and localised ad management solution. It was founded in 2009 as a network of publishers in Ukraine to bridge the gap between advertisers and media owners through a single platform. Three years later, Admixer expanded to about six hundred publishers and several offices across Eastern Europe.

Since its inception, Admixer has used in-house technologies, embraced the best practices of Tier-1 countries, and adapted them to the regional markets. Today, Admixer is a product company that offers digital ad management solutions for middle and enterprise customers.


What Have You Learnt So Far?

Admixer delivers value to customers by filtering, segmenting, and enriching traffic, as well as plotting the shortest supply path for impressions from publishers to advertisers.

Admixer partners with various local data providers to better segment traffic and offer ad slots with additional data points. Our team offers global advertisers exclusive audience segments from premium publishers loaded with 1st part data through connected deals.

What Challenges Have You Overcome? How Have You Responded During COVID?

COVID made us re-evaluate our priorities and shift the attention to environments that gained the most momentum during the pandemic, particularly CTV, in-app, and audio advertising.

Overall, COVID left Admixer almost unscathed. The company is in good shape due to our diversified business model. We are a technology provider for publishers and advertisers, we have independent SaaS products and an extensive media business.

A much more profound challenge for the company is the phase of advertising IDs: depreciation of 3rd party cookies on the web and the new ATT framework on iOS. To weather the storm, we re-allocated our resources, launched Admixer ID, enhanced our header bidding technologies (released our proprietary wrapper and partnered with Prebid as an HB Managed solution). We gained additional tools to become closer to publishers in the supply chain and increase the share of web traffic with access to 1st party data. Also, we reinforced our context capabilities to distinguish industry verticals and content categories better.


What Are Your Plans For Growth?

The recently announced delay in the phase-out of 3rd party cookies has not stalled the IAB Tech Lab initiatives. The industry still lacks a coherent system for 3rd party identification. We are actively involved in Rearc groups and intend to participate in testing initiatives proposed by the IAB Tech Lab.

At the same time, we put a strong emphasis on our relationships with publishers. The large share of premium inventory allows attracting direct advertisers through the Admixer.DSP.