Daniella Peri, CEO at Yoppie: The Personalisation Of Menstrual Health & The Importance Of Full-Cycle Care

Written By Daniella Peri, CEO and Founder at full-cycle-care brand Yoppie

To many, personalisation has for long been seen as an extravagance, and a preserve of the wealthy. But in many cases, personalisation is in fact about equality, not exclusivity.

Take the beauty industry for example, where some of the most successful brands now rely less on homogenous, mass-market-appeal products, and instead focus more on offering a wide range of products that suit consumers of every need. The staggering success of beauty brands such as Fenty and Glossier – both of which make a point of catering to consumers of different sizes, shapes, and shades – is proof of this.

When it comes to menstrual healthcare, personalisation is imperative. The needs of every person who menstruates are different, and the possibility to tailor products to one’s individual needs can make a life changing difference.

I started Yoppie after it became clear to me just how little thought the mainstream period care brands were putting into the unique needs of their customers. At the same time, I was noticing how shrinking resources of the healthcare system meant that less time was being made available for those seeking advice or help with their menstrual health.

Today, we are helping customers manage their entire cycle through personalised product subscription plans supported by digital expert advice and resources.

It is important that the menstrual cycle is understood to be more than simply the duration of menstruation, as issues with bloating, skin, mental health, and tissue sensitivity may occur and vary throughout the full cycle. Typically, the public consensus is that caring for your menstrual cycle requires little more than purchasing pads or tampons, when in reality it must be more holistic and extended far beyond this.

There is remarkably little awareness around the menstrual cycle, despite the fact that over 90% of women experience PMS via a range of physical or emotional symptoms throughout their cycle… This demonstrates the extent of the problem, and is proof that in the UK there is a need for public education. Our digital resources, which consist of medically-backed articles, webinars, and Instagram Lives with nutritionists and gynaecologists from our Scientific Advisory Network, as well as an ever-growing social media community, is our way of addressing this.

Gaining a greater understanding of one’s cycle is of paramount importance to overall health, which is why we feel so strongly about educating and providing guidance with full-cycle care. Regaining control of your cycle is a powerful process, and one that carries over into all hemispheres of life and wellness.

If the right steps are made towards education and equality, then we may be on the cusp of a menstrual health revolution.


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