A Chat with Zain Ali, CEO at Global Expansion Platform: Centuro Global

Centuro Global ensures companies’ global expansion needs are serviced compliantly in one place. With Centuro’s AI-powered SaaS platform, Centuro Connect, a business can obtain data and advice to cover every step of its global expansion journey, from tax, legal, and immigration, to payroll and HR, all in one system, allowing businesses to trade in any jurisdiction with ease and efficiency.
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What do you think makes this company unique?

When it comes to business growth, in particular cross-border expansion, the professional services required to do this historically tend to be delivered by outsourcing a legal or management consultancy firm and this can create multiple pain points. Traditionally, with few alternatives available, the adverse impacts on cost and efficiency, as well as potential miscommunication with multiple partners involved in the process, can be significant.

This is where Centuro Global is truly unique in bringing AI into the world of legal and consulting services to utilise the power of machine learning and provide instant advice at the click of a button.

With one centralised dashboard, it enables the user to see everything by every country, whether setting up entities which involves applying for visas, local taxation, legal and regulatory requirements, it’s all tracked and embedded in one system, with each individual case whilst it’s happening in real time.

Users can access support from local experts covering every line of service in one place which track and manage all these services in one case management system for over 170 countries for the first time.

It’s a one-stop shop for all a company’s cross-border needs from HR, legal, and commercial, saving countless hours of time and money, making Centuro unparalleled to any other player on the market.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Centuro started by delivering services via in-country advisors without technology before launching its platform in early 2022. The model of uniting many services under one roof was the first step while simultaneously gathering data and intelligence to help build the platform’s foundations. After launching the platform in early 2022, monthly revenues have grown ten-fold to over £1m. The company has just completed a $4m funding round and intends to use the funds to expand its machine learning team, build on business development efforts, and grow the team before the end of 2023.

What can we hope to see from Centuro Global in the future?

Centuro Global will continue to develop its AI and technological capabilities to provide its users with an unmatched experience in helping them choose the best market to enter, decide which entity is the best option, understand tax and the various risks, and manage employees and immigration and relocation.

With the rise in demand of the ‘workation’ Centuro’s latest tech development, ‘‘work from anywhere tool” is designed specifically for HR teams to manage remote workers and meet the needs of employees wanting to work anywhere, possible.

Harnessing the power of GPT, combined with decades of industry knowledge and data in legal, immigration, and broader international compliance, Centuro aims to cement its place as a critical player in this space trusted by both scale-ups and multinational corporates alike.