12. Replicant.Fashion – Regina Turbina

Company: Replicant.Fashion

Founder: Regina Turbina

Website: https://en.replicant.fashion/

Business: Replicant.Fashion is the first digital fashion marketplace launched in May 2020.


About Replicant.Fashion and Regina Turbina

Replicant.Fashion is a NFT clothing marketplace. The team at Replicant fashion decided to set up a digital fashion community, open for all – designers, artists, brands, ideas, and ambassadors.

Launched in 2020, Replicant.Fashion has provided its customers with the opportunity to purchase high-end digital couture. This virtual clothing exists in the form of NFTs, and can be rendered onto videos and photos. Customers go to the website, purchase a piece of clothing, and then upload their photo. In moments, the clothing is rendered onto the photo.

Regina built Replicant to promote digital fashion values and opportunities as hard as possible for the good of our planet and to re-think the industry. Replicant wants to encourage a more conscious, creative, beautiful, and meditative consumption mindset and new-wave interaction with clothes.


replicant fashion


Since May 2020, they have launched several collaborations – including with PUMA. They have been featured in Forbes, Vice, AP, Euronews, style-in-progress, and many other outlets.

Digital clothes are designed and made based on real templates and using applications for tailors. This means that if a customer particularly enjoys a certain piece of clothing, they can get it made in person by a tailor. 

This new way of buying and selling clothes also gives fashion houses a new, creative, relatively eco-friendly way of showcasing their garments. It also works as a clever method for brands to generate pre-orders.