15. Plentific – Cem Savas

Company: Plentific

Founder: Cem Savas

Website: https://plentific.com

Business: Plentific was founded to make it easy to find reliable trade services and manage property repairs and maintenance.


About Plentific and Cem Savas

In a time of cost pressures and more stringent regulation, landlords and property managers are forced to trade speed for costs and costs for quality. In the last three years, Plentific have created a supply chain disruption that ensures no more trade-offs.

The Plentific marketplace provides a revolutionary new way for local contractors to access valuable contract work from some of the UK’s biggest housing providers without lengthy tendering processes and large fees. Today, there are over a million properties managed by Plentific globally, many of which are serviced by the growing


Plentific marketplace, which now covers 78 cities in the UK, 96 unique postcodes in Germany and 3122 counties in the US. 2023 will see the launch of their retrofit marketplace, which will give their clients access to trades professionals offering a range of services such as insulation, PV solar, heat pumps, or boiler upgrades.