19. Tutti – Gabriel M Isserlis


Company: Tutti

Founder: Gabriel M Isserlis

Website: https://www.tutti.space/

Business: Tutti exists to give creatives more time to create.

About Tutti and Gabriel M Isserlis

Tutti exists to give creatives more time to create because they spend 20-40% of their time on admin when building their career. For now, Tutti is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that helps creatives find and book inspiring spaces for any creative use: video/photo shoots, rehearsals, recordings, performances, launches, screenings, and more.

tutti homepage

Before Tutti, this process could take days or weeks. On Tutti, it takes hours. Tutti has more than 1,000 incredible spaces in London, including studios, homes, churches, theatres, nightclubs, warehouses, boats, and even a park.

The creative industries contributes more than £100bn in GVA to the UK each year and is growing at 4X the rate of the UK economy as a whole. But the software supporting the administrative/back end of the sector is outdated or non existent. Tutti is here to change that.