5. Chatterbox – Mursal Hedayat and Guillemette Dejean

Company: Chatterbox

Founder: Mursal Hedayat and Guillemette Dejean

Website: https://www.chatterbox.io/

Business: Chatterbox is a corporate language training powered by marginalised talent


About Chatterbox and Mursal Hedayat and Guillemette Dejean

Chatterbox builds technology that brings innovative companies closer to diverse pools of talent. Chatterbox is on a mission to shake things up in the labour market.

They’re helping the growing numbers of marginalised professionals find opportunities in the online economy, whilst at the same time helping global brands build the diverse globally distributed teams that will lead to post-pandemic success.


chatterbox logo


Their first product is an AI-powered, multi-award winning online language learning platform that employs marginalised people in need of work to teach their native languages.

Businesses use their proprietary technology, enhanced by live inspiring human coaching, to drive faster success in their learning programmes. This startup has sparked interest from the likes of the Guardian and the BBC as a social innovation capable of radically and permanently tipping the scales towards a more just global economy.