10. Clippings – Adel Zakout and Tom Mallory

Company: Clippings

Founder: Adel Zakout and Tom Mallory

Website: https://www.clippings.com/

Business: Clippings is a furniture and lighting marketplace for interior design professionals


About Clippings and Adel Zakout and Tom Mallory

Clippings was founded to bring digital innovation to the furniture and interiors industry. Clippings was designed for interior architects, designers and developers, centralising the buying process. This allows professionals to focus on their clients and the creative process, delivering projects in a smarter, more sustainable manner.

Founded in 2014, the company is based in London and Sofia. They set out to make a convenient marketplace to discover up-and-coming designers and studios in the field of interior design.




Their marketplace showcases 200 leading and boutique brands and 15,000+ products. Founded in 2014, Clippings was founded to use technology to transform the way the design industry works. The platform was built to create a new way for design professionals to find and purchase furniture, lighting and accessories. Clippings makes sourcing, procurement, delivery and installation easy and streamlined.

Clippings has big plans for the future. In the next five to ten years their focus will be on driving advancements through  innovation and technology. Their goal is to transform the interior design industry using technology to connect brands with customers. They aim to one day power the world’s largest volume of transactions within their industry.