8. Floom – Lana Elie


Company: Floom

Founder: Lana Elie

Website: https://www.floom.com/

Business: Floom is an online marketplace connecting florists with customers.


About Floom and Lana Elie

The UK is home to a huge number of independent florists whose businesses were being overshadowed by subpar, mass-produced offerings that saturated the market. Floom founder Lana aimed to change that using her online floristry marketplace, Floom, which gives independent florists a platform and a fair cut of their earnings.

When Lana was an executive PA, she became frustrated by how hard it was to find flowers online that were both convenient and beautifully arranged. This is how the idea for Floom first came to her.

She and her team launched Floom in February 2016, and the to bring bouquets to people using their online marketplace.




The site has partnered with florists across London, Liverpool, Brighton and Kent. These independent florists get to keep 80 per cent of the headline price on the website. The core team at Floom are based in central London.

The company operates in the UK and the US, and it allows customers to connect with independent florists online. They handpick every florist they work with, and the platform hosts around 250,000 customers. These customers range from people wanting flowers for personal gifting to events companies looking for high-quality floral arrangements.